summer fun
i'm confused

checking out the farm

We went and checked the trees Mr planted this spring to see how they are growing and if the deer ate too many of them.  They didn't look too bad.  It's been pretty dry here and finally got some rain the past couple of days.

The view

Checking the trees

We then took a drive down the lane.

Down the lane

Heading back into our woods, it's pretty thick this time of year.

The path

The barn view from the lane and the alfalfa field, which no matter what always looks green and lush.

The barn progress

The other day Mr almost stepped on this milk snake in the back yard.  I am not the fondest of snakes.

The snake

Mr snake was not harmed, he just got a little help to move along further away from the house.

Milk snake

The parents are all settled in, we got everything done that needed to get done...dr's, license plates, drivers license, car insurance etc.  They are officially residents of Wisconsin once again, and enjoying our view.

Dad and mom

Whew, I've had a busy couple of weeks, now to get back to sewing.