is there such a thing as having too much fun?
coming up for air

bring on the heat

I don't care if the temps get in the 90's this summer, because now we have air, central air that is.  Truth be told, Mr would have lived without it, I on the other hand cannot, but with the parents moving in we really had to get it (insert a big smile here).  Just a couple of things to do before they come.

I've been enjoying my new sewing room and was inspired at the retreat to make some bags for myself.  I've only made a few and I have to say have never been happy with them.  I made the small bag out of Moda's Glamping Charm Pack and found the pattern here.  I changed it up some, so it doesn't resemble the pattern a whole lot.  The other bag is made out of charm packs and I can't remember the name or the pattern at the moment.  I loved the front pocket on the big bag and so I put it on the smaller bag.

2 bags

I have started another blog that is called down a country road where I post photos of what I see down a country road.  Since I pretty much travel down country roads everywhere I go around here I thought that blog name would be fitting.

The barn is going great.  When I arrived home from the retreat the guys were putting up the third 22 ft. barn pole.  Before I left I helped Mr put one of the smaller poles up, those babies are heavy :)  Again our neighbor came to help, I think he wanted to see how his homemade boom would work, I'd say it worked just fine. 

But the BEST thing that didn't happen, was NO ONE got hurt putting these tall barn poles up.

Putting up a pole

Setting the pole


At the top

I'm off to get that last thing on the to-do list of things to get done before the parents come.  I hope Y'All have a wonderful weekend.