scrap yarn
garden bike

oh mr sun, sun, mr golden sun

Oh Mister Sun, Sun,
Mister Golden Sun,
Please shine down on me!

Barn window

Beautiful Door County, that's where this shot was taken, last June 2012.

Mr Sun sure hasn't been shining around here lately, tho the rain seems to have slowed down some.

Well, I lucked out (but don't tell Mr I said  I won't have to help him pour the floor of the barn, our neighbor and another guy will be helping Mr with the pour.

I tried another new Nisu aka: Pulla recipe to make in my bread machine, it turned out pretty good.  I just love my bread machine.

Our alfalfa field is looking great this year, it should be getting the first cutting next week, though it probably needs to dry out a bit more for that, so we'll see what happens.

Haven't had time to really get into my sewing room to work on some of my UFO's.

We need to get some cats around here to keep the mice down, Sadie does a good job but she could use a bit of help.

Life just keeps plugging along here.

Y'All have a wonderful night!