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how does your garden grow?

Well, with all the rain we've had and still continue to have, the garden is doing well.

Tomatoes on the vine

Cherry tomatoes

The peppers are really doing great as well.

Peppers growing

With my parents coming here in about 15 days it's going to continue to be busy around here.  My dad loves tomatoes and I think I planted enough for all of us :)

Can't wait to show you the barn progress, too tired to do it now, but I'll give you a sneak peak.

The load

Y'all have a wonderful night.



Thank...Goodness...It's...Friday!  Or is it? 

The driver bringing our load of lumber is late.  He was late picking up the load back in Ohio where the lumber is coming from.  He had a mishap leaving the place with the load, the rains we've all been having had caused some crazy happenings for the driver, that later when the barn is up we will all laugh about it.  So, instead of letting more grey hairs develop on my head, I'll show you my hand piecing, it went pretty well and I'm enjoying it.  I plan to make a block a month that will eventually be a sampler quilt.  I started out with the Ohio Star block.  This is kind of a practice run, not sure if I'm going to go with these fabrics and colors.  For one I don't have enough of these two fabrics to incorparate them in the rest of the blocks at all.  I'm thinking maybe to make each block from totally different fabrics, each one being different.

Straight stitch hand sewn

Ohio star block

Not sure if that's ever done, but hey, it's my sampler quilt and I can do whatever I want right?

Hope Y'All have a wonderful weekend!


one ufo done

Yay!!! I got one UFO done and marked off my list of UFO's to get done.  This is a free pattern called Antique Circles.  I started this a few months ago and got too busy to finish it.  I found the pattern at McCall's Quilting.  When picking out colors I decided to go with red and white like in the pattern.  I've not made anything with red before and I've decided that I want to make a red and white quilt. 

That will have to be for later tho :)

Circle table runner

I loved the circle applique's in the runner.

Circle applique

Wow, does it feel good to get this one done.  It has a new home on my kitchen table.

I hope Y'All have an awesome kind of day today!


10 things this summer

Anna over at Thimbleanna did a 10 Things This Summer post and I thought I would join in on the fun.  I have too many things that I could/should get done and there are fun things planned this summer.

First on the list would be all my UFO's that I need to get done.  Especially my Tossed Nine Patch or Disappearing Nine Patch as it's also called.  This one was so much fun, I'm ashamed to even say I've not finished it yet :)

Tossed nine patch

Second, is our barn.  I hope to work on it as well.

Third, to get the parents fully moved here and settled in.

Fourth, fly to Texas with the two oldest granddaughters for a long weekend in August before school starts for them.

Fifth, we have another fun vacation planned.

Sixth, I'm in a really fun swap this summer, it's an apron one.

Seventh, I want to look for some fun "summer" things to do in our area.

Eighth, to take a day off from barn building to go on a canoe trip.

Ninth, make the time and have some ladies over for some quilting fun.


Tenth, but definitely not least, I want to learn how and start on a quilt that is all hand pieced.  I've never done hand piecing and I want to give it a try.

That was fun, now we see just how the summer plays out here.

Have a good one Y'All.


my kind of relaxing

I did a lot of reading this past week.  I read 2 books on my Kindle, and read while Jim went out in his canoe.

Going out on the lake

Look how Jim's canoe looks so small next to the boats moored out there.

Out with the big boats

The two books I read were The Quilters Apprentice and Round Robin:An Elm Creek Quilts Book.  I was given the title of The Quilters Apprentice from a fellow quilter at the last quilt retreat I was on, and after I finished that book I got Round Robin:An Elm Creek Quilts book.  After finishing that one, I got the next one, The Cross-Country Quilters:An Elm Creek Quilts Novel.  I just love Jennifer Chiaverini's books.  You don't have to be a quilter to enjoy them.

Quilters appentice

Round Robin

Cross country

Such a relaxing time we had there and now it's time to focus back to the task at hand, and that is the barn.  We get the lumber delivered on Thursday (at least that is the plan).  Let's hope the rain stays away long enough for the fork-lift to be able to take the lumber off the truck and doesn't get stuck anywhere in our yard.

I have to say that it's really nice to get away, but there is no place like home.


9 days

That's how long it's been since I've posted last, I've got an excuse.  Jim and I took the week off and spent it in Door County again.  We just love that area.  The day we left here and arrived in Sturgeon bay, we were able to catch up with our daughter, son-in-law and the grand kids who where there for our oldest granddaughters softball tournament.  Then on fathers day we met up with them for breakfast/lunch before they headed back to Illinois.

Fathers day

We made it to Door Country for the annual Fyr Bal Celebration.

Fry bal celebration

We had a wonderful time and now to get back to reality here at Gentle Hearth.  We got home Saturday afternoon and then the rains started, we had some really heavy storms come through the area, what is it with the storm gods this year.

I tried to visit blogs last night during the Hawks game, but our internet was out and so was our satellite, so we were only able to watch the 1st and 3rd periods.  Which it totally better than not watching any of it.

I hope Y'All have had a good week and I'll try to get visiting soon.


so territorial

They might be small but they sure are stinkers.  I finally took the time to sit outside to get some shots of the hummingbirds that come to the feeder.  I have one that thinks it owns the rights to this feeder.  Usually it's standing guard and will chase any other hummers away.  I got a shot of this one taking a drink.

Taking a break

Taking a drink

Then off it went.

Flying away

Only to have another one sneak in for a drink.


Taking a sip

I hope Y'all have a wonderful weekend and I hope you enjoyed the hummingbirds.


taking a walk

With all the rain we've been having, my flowers are looking pretty good, no need to water them.  I just hope when the rains eventually stop that I don't forget to water them.

Wash tub flowers

The red winged black birds didn't like that I was around.

Red winged black bird

The daisy's seem to have popped up along the alfalfa fields.

Field of daisys

It started out to be a sunny day and it ended up with thunderstorms.  That's okay, with the drought we had last summer I'm thinking we just might need it.


epic barn

Sunday we went to our friends son's high school graduation that was held at Epic in Verona Wisconsin.  Heading into the complex we spied this big beautiful barn, and look it even has a barn quilt on it :)

This place was amazing.


I joined a swap over at MaryJanes Farm and look at what I got!  It was my first swap and it was a wonderful experience.

Summer surprise swap

We are doing the second pour of the barn floor today.  I didn't have to help after all with the first pour of the barn, wonderful neighbors came to help!

Waiting for the truck


I hope Y'all are doing great today!  The sun is shining and there's a slight chance of rain, that's okay, life is good!