oh mr sun, sun, mr golden sun
epic barn

garden bike

At Na-Da Farm Barn sale I found an old bike, I'm not sure what year it's from.  There were a few bikes there and a lot cuter than this one, but the prices were a lot higher than this one.  I was looking for a basket to put on it and my cousin who went with me said she had one for me, and it had the grass and dirt already in it, all I had to do was just add the flowers :)

Garden bike

Full view

I think I've got one of the not so pretty tanks figured out, now I have to figure out the other.  I also think I need to paint that big white tank...hmmm...Wonder what color? 

We are off to a graduation and the graduation party in Madison later today and I'm bringing a salad so off I go to make it.

I hope Y'All have a wonderful day, it's a beautiful day today, the sun is not shining and it's supposed to rain, buy hey that's no big deal, after all the Chicago Blackhawks are heading to the Stanley Cup finals and that makes everything alright!