lilacs and barn sale

what's been happening around the farm

We've been having rain off and on for the past few days and it's not been the warmest and the sun hasn't shined very much.  Last night after the rains came there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky.


And the grass here has gotten so long and Mr hasn't had time to mow since building my sewing room and starting the barn, the job is going to fall on me.

Mowing the lawn


I also had to share with you a momma robin feeding her babies.  These are not the greatest photos as I was taking them through the window and the lighting was horrible.  I didn't want to scare her off so I was quickly snapping away, not waiting to really focus on the shots...sorry.


Feeding babies



Despite the rain and gloomy cloudy days, life is going great here.  I hope Y'All have a wonderful day today.