we've got company
and then the rains came

weekend happenings

Finished off the rug that was on the loom that I was making for the sauna.  I needed to get this done before we move my loom down to my sewing room.

Finishing the edge

The Baltimore Orioles are here to stay and seem to want to fight at the feeder.

Going at it

We covered our plants as there was a late frost, we figured we'd just use our sap buckets to cover them.  Worked like a charm!

Covered plants

I had a wonderful weekend and Mothers Day!  The sewing room is done to the point that I can move my things down there.  It will be awhile before I get my cutting counter as we had to order the cabinets.  But everything is going smoothly and I should be all set up by the time my parents move here.  I figured it'll be a great time to go through all my stuff and pitch whatever I no longer want or use.  I've got lots of ideas for the room and I can't wait until it's all done, so sewing will be put on hold for me.  I'm sorry I didn't take photos of this project.  I will post photos of it when I'm all set up.

Another exciting thing happening around here is that we'll be building a barn!  YEAH!!!!!  I will be taking photos of that project for sure.

I hope Y'All had a great weekend and have an awesome day today!