the piers of the barn

it's 90% done

How have you all been doing this Memorial weekend?  Again we have been busy around here, my sister came out and helped me go through all my sewing stuff.  I went through all my fabric and she was so kind and folded it all, organized it all, in color, theme, and fabric type.  My sister is folding it on my new cutting counter.  I'm so excited about that feature in the room.  We ordered 3 base cabinets and put them together and we plan to use a counter top for the top.  We still have to order that.  I still have a few piles around that I have to go through yet and find a place for, and other odds and ends that also need to find a home, but all in all it's done, and I can't wait to begin to sew again.  Later when my loom is down there I will show you that, we just haven't moved it yet.  The one thing I like about the set up I have is I can move my sewing machine table out of the way and lay out my quilts on the floor to get them ready for quilting.

Sewing room

It's been a rainy, gloomy, cloudy weekend, and yesterday morning we lit a fire in the fire pit and sat around it before we headed to Madison to have lunch with my sister, who then took off for home from there.  Since we were there we headed to the store to get some things for the sewing room and the barn.

Fire pit

We had such a productive weekend and got a lot of things done.

I hope Y'All had a wonderful Memorial weekend.