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the piers of the barn

The concrete piers for the barn are getting poured.  Mr wasn't able to get them all ready for the pour, and with the rain he hasn't been able to get a few of the holes done.  Living up on the ridge there is a lot of rock, and digging the holes you are going to run into rock, so Mr has to finish the digging some of the holes by hand.


Breaking up rocks

Big rock


The pour


Concrete pier

Filling the hole

Right now this is where we are at, waiting to get the other piers ready for the cement.

I still can't believe we are finally getting a barn, but there is a lot of work yet to do, and it'll be fun to watch and help with the progress.


it's 90% done

How have you all been doing this Memorial weekend?  Again we have been busy around here, my sister came out and helped me go through all my sewing stuff.  I went through all my fabric and she was so kind and folded it all, organized it all, in color, theme, and fabric type.  My sister is folding it on my new cutting counter.  I'm so excited about that feature in the room.  We ordered 3 base cabinets and put them together and we plan to use a counter top for the top.  We still have to order that.  I still have a few piles around that I have to go through yet and find a place for, and other odds and ends that also need to find a home, but all in all it's done, and I can't wait to begin to sew again.  Later when my loom is down there I will show you that, we just haven't moved it yet.  The one thing I like about the set up I have is I can move my sewing machine table out of the way and lay out my quilts on the floor to get them ready for quilting.

Sewing room

It's been a rainy, gloomy, cloudy weekend, and yesterday morning we lit a fire in the fire pit and sat around it before we headed to Madison to have lunch with my sister, who then took off for home from there.  Since we were there we headed to the store to get some things for the sewing room and the barn.

Fire pit

We had such a productive weekend and got a lot of things done.

I hope Y'All had a wonderful Memorial weekend.



Do you get excited for Fridays?  I used to when the kids were small.  I looked forward to the weekends where I could relax after a long busy week.  Thought I'd show you my find from last year.  I can't wait to see how it's going to look in the middle of summer.  I was going to put this old wash tub by Mr's sauna, but now I'm not so sure anymore, I kind of like it where it's at.

Wash tub garden

I don't recall if I've ever done Nancy's Random 5 Friday meme before and I thought I'd join today, so here goes.

Random 5 Friday Facts

1. Do not super glue your fingers together.  It's not easy to get off.  I tried fixing something the other day with super glue and when I tell you I made a mess of things...believe me...I made a mess of things.

P.S  I did get my fingers unstuck and I did get it eventually all off my fingers, I had to work at it but it all came off :)



2. The barn is coming along and today we are going to pour cement for a few of the columns that are ready.  Mr worked as a carpenter when our kids were young and eventually worked his way to doing what he does today, he's a draftsman now and working behind a drafting table, moving on to working behind a computer, is a whole lot different than swinging a sledge hammer or carrying shingles up a ladder.


3. I'm a secret hoarder.  At least when it comes to fabric and yarn.  I moved 99% of my stuff down to my new sewing room and after going through about 1/3 of it, and eventually throwing a lot of it away that was so old, I wondered why I even kept it.  I still have to go through my fabric/fabric scraps...sigh!


4. I found out that I love, love, love, driving the tractor!!!!  I must be a true blue farm girl!


5. I'm designing my barn quilt and after coming up with about 6 blocks I think I have a winner.  Can't show you now, that will come later when I start painting it.


I hope you enjoyed my 5 facts and that Y'All have an awesome weekend!


what's been happening around the farm

We've been having rain off and on for the past few days and it's not been the warmest and the sun hasn't shined very much.  Last night after the rains came there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky.


And the grass here has gotten so long and Mr hasn't had time to mow since building my sewing room and starting the barn, the job is going to fall on me.

Mowing the lawn


I also had to share with you a momma robin feeding her babies.  These are not the greatest photos as I was taking them through the window and the lighting was horrible.  I didn't want to scare her off so I was quickly snapping away, not waiting to really focus on the shots...sorry.


Feeding babies



Despite the rain and gloomy cloudy days, life is going great here.  I hope Y'All have a wonderful day today.


lilacs and barn sale

Finally my lilacs are in bloom, and they smell so heavenly!  It's a gloomy day today!  But, the other day is when I took these shots.  The sun was shining and it was nice and warm.


The cute little plant marker I found at the Na-Da Farm sale, and I only bought 2 of them, wish I had bought more.


Here are a few shots from Anne Marie's Sale.

1-2 booths

3-4-5 booths


I absolutely loved that vintage trailer.  I wanted to take it home :)  I started taking photos and then I got so engrossed in looking for treasures I didn't take anymore :(

Hope Y'All have a wonderful day today!


the makings of the barn

I took off for a few days to Illinois to the Na-Da Farm Spring Sale, I got a few awesome items for my sewing room and I can't wait to show you, but first things first.  As I got home and I turned into the driveway, I could see Jim had already started to get the ground ready for the barn.



I had to laugh as I was walking out to help Jim and take some photos, Sadie is waiting there watching me.



Sadies not allowed to go into the gardens and I'm thinking with the freshly plowed up ground she's thinking it's going to be another garden.  Not really sure what she's looking at here ;)

Sadie looking


Tomorrow our neighbor is coming to drill the holes for the posts.  I had posted before that we would be getting bees, but that will be put on hold now that we are building a barn.  Jim would have had to drive about an hour to where the man who would mentor him keeps his bees and that just won't work while trying to build the barn.

There are lots more photos to come as the progress of the barn moves on.


i'm throwing in the towel

I'm done, I just can't keep up anymore, the deer and weeds have beat me and I'm throwing in the towel.  Last year the deer wrecked havoc on our strawberry patch, and heading out there this spring thinking about the weeds was just more than I could handle.  So what am doing, I'm throwing in the towel on our strawberry patch, and I'm starting fresh with a raised patch near the house.

Front garden

I put this one near the little herb garden I have going, I plan to put a few more raised strawberry beds around the yard, transplanting as many of the strawberry plants as I can.

Herb and berry garden

Maybe now the deer won't come and eat them since they're so close to the house and maybe just maybe I can keep up with the weeds.

Now I'm off to have another cup of coffee.  Y'All have a wonderful day today.


king of the hill

At least he thinks he is.  This is the first year that a Red Headed woodpecker has come to the feeders.  Sitting outside on the deck eating breakfast we could hear him and see him going from tree to tree looking for something to eat.  Then he found our feeders and now he's staying. 

Red headed woodpecker

He flies from the feeder to the trees.

Red headed 1

When he's at the feeder he bosses and chases all the other birds away.

Red headed 2

He's the King of the Hill.


and then the rains came

And we continue to be busy around here, finally getting the lawn mowed, the buckets put away from sugaring and into the shed, yard work almost done, only to have it cut short because of rain.

After the rain

Which is totally fine, because my rain barrel filled up again, I use it to water my plants with.

Rain barrel

The view from the side deck.

Side yard

My side garden.  When we moved here this garden was here.  I've added a few things, like my favorite flower the coneflower.  I don't care for those cement thingies (is that even a word?) that are there tho.  Not sure how to cover them.  Any ideas?

Side garden

I'm pretty excited my lilac bush looks pretty full this year compared to last year.  Can't wait until it's in full bloom.

Lilac bush

It seems like not that long ago I was saying how nothing was green or coming out of the ground yet.  All you need is a little rain and sunshine and things start to happen.

All this and still trying to get all my things moved to my new sewing room.  It sure doesn't seem to be slowing down any either.