wet laundry
{happy homemaker monday}


Is a cold and a freezing rainy kind of day.

Icy bird feeder

Today I am sitting here enjoying the late morning having a cup of coffee, planning to open up this cool book/pamphlet I found at the quilt shop where I'm taking some classes.  I love to take classes as it gets me out meeting and talking to people.  This was hidden behind some other pattern books, lucky for me I was browsing and looking behind things, because if I was just looking and not digging, I would have missed this.

Patterns of history

What really caught my eye as I flipped through this book/pamphlet, was the maple leaf block that I spied and I plan to make when we build a barn.  I plan to make a Barn Quilt to hang on the barn, and since we make maple syrup, I knew a maple leaf was the kind of quilt block I wanted to make.

Maple leaf

Today we are really jumping into high gear to get ready for my parents arrival.

Today I am counting my blessings for all the wonderful things in my life.

Today {and everyday} I wish you a very blessed day.