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Has it really been awhile since I've posted?  We skipped out of here last Friday to Michigan to see our newest grandson.  Mr hadn't seen him yet or our son and dil's new home.  While still in Wisconsin Mr saw something, so he turned around so that I could get photos of it.

He spied a Sandhill Cranes nest and one of them was "sitting" on the nest.  Can you see the two eggs?



It's been busy, busy, busy, around here.  My room is getting done and yesterday I didn't even go on-line to read blogs, I sewed all day on something I needed to get done.

I tried to read blogs this morning, but Feedly is not loading up for me right now, not sure what is going on.

I hope Y'All have a wonderful day today!


amish girls


Heading to the Dells we pass through another Amish community.  These girls were each riding a bike, it looks like it's a bicycle for two but they are each on their own very colorful bike, one pinkish purple and one a light blue.  I'm guessing that there are no rules to having colorful bikes, it's one way to get some color into their life.  I don't know about the Amish in other areas, but the Amish here ride bikes to get around, and if you saw our hills here, you'd know how hard it really is to get around on a bike.

Hope Y'All have an awesome day today!


good morning! or is it afternoon!

Slept late...

had breakfast...

did a few exercise videos...

started laundry...

folded laundry...

did the morning dishes...

balanced my checkbook (whew it balanced)


FINALLY got to sit and have a cup of coffee and do this post.

4-barn reflections

I found this barn somewhere between here and Illinois, lots of flooded yards and fields everywhere.  I was even re-routed on my way home because of flooding.  I loved the reflection of all the barns in this one.

Wow, where did the morning go?  I still need to run to town to do errands, maybe I'll find some more flood shots.

Hope Y'All are having a good start to this rainy Monday!



Row boat

We've had a lot of rain from here to Illinois, and the rivers and creeks are all flooding.  The rain has stopped now and the sun is out.  YEAH!!!  It's also Mr's birthday today, and after heading to the Dells to get some supplies he needed for my sewing room, then back home for a quick lunch, he took off to spend his birthday fishing.  While he was enjoying his birthday, I made a pecan pie for him instead of a birthday cake, and plan to make his favorite dish, which is The Pioneer Woman's, the Marlboro Man's Sandwich.  The plan for tonight is to relax, have dinner, a piece of pie and watch the Blackhawks game.

Even with a milestone as a birthday, life just can't get any better than this.

I hope Y'All are doing well this weekend.


Linking with Weekly Top Shot.

{happy homemaker monday}

Good Morning!  It's another great day starting, and another day for Happy Homemaker Monday.  Sandra from  Diary of a Stay at Home Mom is hosting Happy Homemaker Monday.


The weather....

 Is 35 degrees and finally starting to warm up a bit.  It's still rainy, foggy and wet, but it feels a whole lot warmer now than it has for a few days.


Right now I am....

Relaxing with my feet up enjoying a cup of coffee.  Jim just came in from taking Sadie out. 



Of all the things I need to do to get ready for my parents arrival.  Jim has started on my sewing room that will be down in the basement.  I am so excited for that.


On my reading pile....

 I received a book in the mail from a friend...The Story.


On my TV.....

Now that "spring" is here or at least it's supposed to be.  I'm not watching too much T.V.  but I do like The Incredible Dr. Pol on the NatGeoWild channel.


Something fun to share....

Apron curtain


Blog hopping (newly discovered blog)....

 This blog isn't newly discovered, it's re-discovered.  I found this blog way back when we lived in Illinois, Stacy has the most beautiful photos and she also does falconry.  This is a blog I had lost along the way and I'm so glad that I have found it again.  Head on over to check it out, you will not be disappointed.

A "Focus" in the Wild.



On the menu for this week....

 I am such a bad girl in this department this week.  I haven't sat down yet to make a menu plan.  Tho, I do know we will eat :)


On my to do list....

Laundry (then again when isn't it on everyones to-do list, right?)

Make that menu plan for the week :)

Head to town to do some errands.

Continue to rake all the rocks that ended up in the grass from plowing the snow this winter back into the driveway where they belong.

p.s. it's great exercise and I hope to tone up my arms some in the process.


In the craft basket....

I don't have too much going on right now.  I do have to finish putting the Tossed Nine Patch together.  I have the top done, it's just a matter of getting on the floor to do some pinning.


Looking forward to this week....

 Heading to Illinois to see our granddaughter in her school program.

Helping my dil with some curtains for their home.


Looking around the house....

 I'm watching the birds flying around and landing high up in the trees outside.  Birds at the feeder probably happy that it's not raining at the moment.  I can tell the sun is shining as it's rays are finally making their way inside my home.


From the camera....

Foggy morning
 Taken this morning.


On my Prayer list....

To all the men and women in our Armed forces who serve our country.


Bible verse, Devotional....

Gracious words are a honeycomb,

sweet to the soul,

and healing to the bones.

Proverbs 16:24



Is a cold and a freezing rainy kind of day.

Icy bird feeder

Today I am sitting here enjoying the late morning having a cup of coffee, planning to open up this cool book/pamphlet I found at the quilt shop where I'm taking some classes.  I love to take classes as it gets me out meeting and talking to people.  This was hidden behind some other pattern books, lucky for me I was browsing and looking behind things, because if I was just looking and not digging, I would have missed this.

Patterns of history

What really caught my eye as I flipped through this book/pamphlet, was the maple leaf block that I spied and I plan to make when we build a barn.  I plan to make a Barn Quilt to hang on the barn, and since we make maple syrup, I knew a maple leaf was the kind of quilt block I wanted to make.

Maple leaf

Today we are really jumping into high gear to get ready for my parents arrival.

Today I am counting my blessings for all the wonderful things in my life.

Today {and everyday} I wish you a very blessed day.


wet laundry

Wet laundry

It's been raining here the past few days and then the other day it snowed, just a dusting, but yet it's April and it SNOWED!  Heading to a quilting class I passed some Amish clothes hanging on the line on a rainy day.  It sure is going to take a few days for these clothes to dry as the temps have dipped down into the high 20's, low 30's overnight.  The sun really hasn't shined for a few days.  I'm beginning to wonder if spring is ever going to arrive.

I do hope Y'all have a wonderful weekend.