boiling time
i've been somewhat preoccupied

easter weekend

I hope Y'all had a Blessed Easter.  I've been gone for awhile from the blog, because we had family in town for sugaring and Easter.  It was a busy weekend, but a fun weekend, and I hardly brought the camera out. 

One day the weather was warm, the next day we need the winter gear back on.


Easter morning taken with my iPad.


The grate in the evaporator where the fire burns broke, and we had to head to the Dells to get some re-bar so that we can continue to boil some more sap.  The weather conditions have not been that great, and so far we've only got half of the syrup that we got last year, but the conditions for the next couple of days should produce more sap for more boiling :)

It's starting to feel like spring around here, the snow is starting to melt on the farm here and most places it's pretty much gone.  A new calf always means it's spring time and this one was recently born at our neighbors farm down the road.

New born calf

Oh, and speaking of newborns we had a new grandson born the other in a few days.

I hope Y'all have a wonderful Monday, I didn't have time to do Happy Homemaker Monday, I'll catch it next week.