{happy homemaker monday}
peace train magic bus

it twas a wonderful day

Wow, does fresh vanilla smell good, and my van smelled good all the way home from town today.  I bought the last of the vanilla beans from the co-op in town, I was so happy, now I could start making my vanilla.

Homemade vanilla

I took a break this afternoon and looked at a few magazines.  I love these magazines, Flea Market Style, Vintage Style and Romantic Country Flea Market Style, I love getting neat decorating ideas.

Coffee and magazines

I have to tell you about one of the dishes that was on my menu for the week.  I told you I sometimes switch up the menu, this one was on for Friday but I made it today.  It was Trisha's Chicken Pie and it was WONDERFUL!!!  I did add some frozen peas to it and made her Daddy's Biscuits to go along with it, though I didn't really have to because the biscuit on top was so good.  It helped to have the extra biscuit to sop up the creamy liquid from the pie...YUM!  This dish was an easy dish to make.

Chicken pie

I love ending my day like this and now I'll put my feet up and join my husband to watch our beloved Chicago Blackhawks play.

Y'All have a wonderful night....Go HAWKS!!!!!