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texas pecan pie

a .99 cent find

I was too pumped the other day when I went into the Goodwill store and found a neat find.  I should have take a photo of how this picture looked like when I bought it.  It was pretty much falling out of the frame.  I just couldn't pass it up, I could see that I could either fix it and put it back in the frame or get another frame.  I decided to put it back in the frame it came in.


After taking the picture out I had to clean up the frame.  The picture was duct taped and who knows how long the tape was on the frame because it was not easy to get off.  I had some Goo Gone and figured that it would clean it off and it did.

Goo gone

Then I needed some teeny tiny nails to nail it back into the frame.  I can always count on my hubby to help me out with any kind of project I work on.

Looking for nails

When we were first married I would save all the tuna cans I opened up for Jim's box, he wanted the cans to hold all the nails, nuts, bolts and screws in, and by the looks of the can and nails these have been around a long time.

Tin can

Doesn't it look great hanging over the rack that holds just some of my cook books?  I say "some" because I have many :)

Hanging up
For .99 cents this picture found a new home, and the fun thing about it is if I get tired of it and don't want it any more I won't feel guilty about getting rid of it.  The man who painted this painting was Robert Chailloux and it's called Still Life with Grapes.  But then again maybe I'll hang on to it.