deep in the heart of texas
i mostly walk

the alamo

Have you ever seen the movie The Alamo starring John Wayne?  I grew up watching John Wayne movies.  I can watch a movie a few times and the second time watching it I can pick up things I missed the first time around, I know movies don't get things always right.

I'm going to start with the outside walls of The Alamo, we were totally fascinated with the structure of the compound.


Flying high

Alamo 6

Alamo 7

Here is a beautiful statue that was erected in memory of the heroes that had sacrificed their lives at the Alamo, commemorating 100 years.

Alamo 4

Alamo 5

Alamo 2

Alamo 3

Alamo 1

I hope I didn't overload you with photos here.

Hope Y'All have an awesome day today.