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our blue jar is filling up

I've begun to fill our blue jar with little slips of paper, and on these slips of paper I've written all the wonderful and blessed things that have already happened in our life.  Right now it is packed carefully away for our journey back North to our home.


One blessing is that we were able to see and visit with our children who live here in Texas.  Though, they are no longer "children" they are adults now, with lives of their own.  It's still an adjustment being empty nesters, and having no-one living at home anymore, and it's an adjustment for the girls as well being on their own.  It was nice to see just how well they were doing and their cute apartment.

The three girls

We'll also miss these ones, our son, daughter-in-law and the granddaughters.  It's been so fun getting to know the granddaughters and their personalities.  The oldest one is so bright and smart, and I'll miss her witty words.  I enjoy playing games with her, and believe me when I say "I don't let her win", she does just fine on her own :)  The youngest one went from being afraid of dogs, that's including Sadie, to liking Sadie, to the point of kissing her tail.  She also went from being deathly afraid of balloons, to holding them in her hands and playing with them, and for that we'll give Grandpa credit for getting her to not be afraid of them.  We were able to babysit while our son and daughter-in-law went out for "date" night.


We'll definitely miss our family down here, and we're so blessed to be able to come down here and not only spend time here in Galveston, but spend time with our "children".

I probably won't be posting for a couple of days, as we'll be on the road. 

Until then I hope Y'All have a wonderful week.