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home :: sweet :: home

Well, we made it home, we drove non-stop because we were expecting lots of snow today and lots of snow we have.  We pulled into town yesterday mid-day and got some groceries just on the off chance the weather predicted was correct, and lo and behold it was.

Snowy window

Yesterday we got everything unload from the van, but I was too tired to do laundry so I'm doing that today.  This morning we went through the mail and I checked out my checking account and bills.  Being debt free sure makes it nicer after the vacation is over, we aren't reminded every month with bills of how wonderful a time we had :) 

Going through the mail

I cleaned out my cupboards this morning of dishes that I either had too much of or never used.  I pulled out this cute soup cup that was tucked way in the back of one of my cupboards and the little blue bowl and saucer I just bought at the Goodwill store down in Galveston, it's going to work great for hot side dishes, such as the beans I cooked for lunch today.

Soups on

We are kind of still in vacation mode and just doing odds and ends around the house, which I seem to never do or for that matter take the time to do.

We really had a wonderful time but there is nothing like being home, despite to snow we're getting today.


our blue jar is filling up

I've begun to fill our blue jar with little slips of paper, and on these slips of paper I've written all the wonderful and blessed things that have already happened in our life.  Right now it is packed carefully away for our journey back North to our home.


One blessing is that we were able to see and visit with our children who live here in Texas.  Though, they are no longer "children" they are adults now, with lives of their own.  It's still an adjustment being empty nesters, and having no-one living at home anymore, and it's an adjustment for the girls as well being on their own.  It was nice to see just how well they were doing and their cute apartment.

The three girls

We'll also miss these ones, our son, daughter-in-law and the granddaughters.  It's been so fun getting to know the granddaughters and their personalities.  The oldest one is so bright and smart, and I'll miss her witty words.  I enjoy playing games with her, and believe me when I say "I don't let her win", she does just fine on her own :)  The youngest one went from being afraid of dogs, that's including Sadie, to liking Sadie, to the point of kissing her tail.  She also went from being deathly afraid of balloons, to holding them in her hands and playing with them, and for that we'll give Grandpa credit for getting her to not be afraid of them.  We were able to babysit while our son and daughter-in-law went out for "date" night.


We'll definitely miss our family down here, and we're so blessed to be able to come down here and not only spend time here in Galveston, but spend time with our "children".

I probably won't be posting for a couple of days, as we'll be on the road. 

Until then I hope Y'All have a wonderful week.


bird captures

This woman was feeding the gulls, and at times they got pretty close to her where she would duck from them.

Feeding the birds

This cracked me up as the cormorants were all lined up.

All lined up


I love this shot!  As I was taking this photo I saw a gull fly into my shot but my camera didn't focus on it.  I think it looks pretty cool.

Birds and flag

I love this shot too, it looks like the gull is gazing at the Texas flag.


Well this is our ferry ride.  Yesterday we took our van and went on the ferry over to Bolivar Peninsula and took a little road trip.  I'll post those later when I can.  We're packing up today and heading to Houston tomorrow.  We are leaving a bit early from our time down here.  Lots to do at home that is calling us.  Our time here has been fun, but I do miss my home and life back in Southwest Wisconsin.

We'll miss our family here and look forward to when we can come back again.


ferry :: trip

We did make it on the free ferry yesterday.  It was a short trip over to Bolivar Peninsula and back, but it was fun.


Cars on ferry

Red, white, blue

There was lots to see on the way out and back, not only boat traffic but what looked like a sunken ship.

Ship wreck

Light house

Many people take this ferry, and Ruben the guard said that it cut 70 miles off for people on their way to Louisiana.

Getting off

Heading back was much the same, only we switched sides of the ferry.  I like facing forward when riding in anything, be it automobile, train or boat.


Getting on a boat of any kind, Jim seems to love it.  I think he misses his boat and Lake Michigan, the water always calls to him.

Watching to boats

Later after we got off the ferry we went to dinner, and I picked a seafood restaurant.  Kind of fitting seeing we just got off the water.


Saltwater grill

I had an Almond Coconut Crusted Salmon dish and it was delicious!  I've really only have had salmon when Jim would go fishing out on Lake Michigan and catch it, and it definitely wasn't prepared anything like this.

Salmon dish

I didn't post all the photos I took, I will post those tomorrow.

We're trying to do the "tourist" thing and see some places before we head back home next week.  I know it's cold back home and in other places, but until I'm actually back there, I'm not going to think about it and I'm going to continue to enjoy the nice weather down here.

Y'All have an awesome kind of day today.


the poet

Have you ever seen a Speed Limit 7 sign before?  I have to admit this is a first for me.  We went to check out the hours for the free ferry that goes from Galveston to Bolivar Peninsula, and we saw this speed limit sign driving into the parking lot.  Now 7 mph is pretty slow and driving that slow you sure can't miss what is happening around you.

Speed limit 7

That is pretty much how life is too.  I know I mentioned in another post about Jim stopping to talk to people.  Well, when he went to the guard shack to find out the hours of the ferry, I did notice he was gone for a bit, so like always I dug out my smart phone while I waited.  Next thing I knew he was telling me to meet his new friend.

His new friend happened to be the guard at the Bolivar Galveston Ferry.  His name is Ruben Reyna and Ruben is a poet, and a beautiful poet at that.  He sells his poetry out of the back of his car, though he was supposed to be working he was talking to us :)  He was an interesting man and his poetry was so beautiful.  He read us about 5 of his poems and I was mesmerized.  I asked him if he had any of his poems published and he told us one time he tried but it didn't go well, so he would rather sell them this way. 

I felt that God put us here to meet this man.


I know here in blogland sometimes lives seem so perfect when you go and read other blogs, and it may seem like mine is too, but it's not.  I have ups and downs and trials and tribulations just like everyone else.  I just don't like to post about it and I'm sure you wouldn't like to read about it all the time either.  I try to stay positive and live my life in the moment and not look back at the shoulda, woulda, coulda's.

Ruben and i

I told Ruben that I blog and with his permission I will post a poem, which is actually a song and he sung it for us.  It's a beautiful song and I wish I could sing it for you.  Rubens poems are copyrighted.

Book of poems



There will be times when I will walk with Jesus.

And there will be times, when he will walk with me.

For I know he really loves me, and by his grace someday he'll set me free.

There will be times when I talk to Jesus, for I know he'll listen to my prayers.

Though no matter why I'm asking, somehow I know that he'll be there.

There were times when I doubted that he loved me.

For no reasons that I could clearly see.

But he came into my life to clean me, so that I could be with him eternally.

Hold my hand and we'll walk together, with him and feel the love he has in store.

And when we reach our final footsteps, we won't have to wonder anymore.


Ruben Reyna


People come into and grace our lives, just like Ruben did this night for us.  I walked away feeling Gods presence and so blessed.

I hope you all have a wonderful day today.


spending the day in houston

We got up really early yesterday and went to our son and daughter-in-laws home.  Jim was helping our son put an attic pull down for his garage, so it will be much easier getting things up into the garage attic, since no-one has basements here storage space is pretty limited.  The drive in was uneventful and the sunrise coming up was pretty, it was very hazy out in the morning.

Foggy morning

I got to go and have lunch with our granddaughter at her school, there is a visitors table set up so that parents can eat with their child and not have to squish in with all the other children.  I don't think we would have been able to fit at her lunch table anyway.

I managed to get the girls to sit long enough for a photo, but it's not a great one, they both were pretty excited, and Olisa was very excited to have her mom and sister come, and I think I might have added to the excitement some as she didn't know I was going to be there.

Having lunch

We have only one week left here, wow did the time fly by.  We actually have to get back a bit early for some things.  I'm not looking forward to going back to the cold, but I am glad it's cold so that maybe when it's time to make our maple syrup we'll get a good volume of sap.  I'm seeing all over blogland the freezing temps people are having, but in order for the sap to run you need a cold winter. 

I hope Y'All are trying to keep warm, I know who am I to talk, when I'm down in a place where the temps range from 50-70 degrees :)



Did I tell you we are getting bees?  Well we are.


We bought some honey from a guy selling honey on the roadside this past summer, and Jim ended up talking to him for awhile (which I'm used to).  The man offered at that time to mentor Jim with bees, but we weren't quite ready to get any yet.  Well, the man called Jim last week and asked him if he was still interested in doing bees, that he would still mentor him and show him what all he knows about raising bees.  What an opportunity, it is one we just couldn't pass up, tho we weren't quite ready to start yet, we are now :)

Bee hive

Don't you just love the cute bees and beehive?  My daughter-in-law made them.  They are hand rolled chocolate for the Pooh and Friends cake she made for our granddaughter who turned 2 on Saturday.

Pooh and friend


Flowers and grass

Kate had a hard time with Tigger's head, so she had him diving into the cake instead of sitting like the rest.


Isn't it cute?  Kate does such a great job, I keep saying she needs to open up her own business making cakes for all occasions.

Birthday cake

Time is starting to wind down for us here :(  I still have a bit more to share with you on our San Antonio trip yet.

Hope Y'All are doing fine today!



a day at the beach

The sun finally has been out for a few days in a row and with family here for the weekend we headed down to the beach for lunch and take in some fishing.




Little peanut

Taking photos

Getting ready

Granddaughter Ayla dumping the bait bucket.

Dumping the shrimp bait

A Fish caught.


Jay, trying to get the hook out without hurting the fish.

Trying to unhook

A helping hand seemed to do the trick.

Fish hook

Letting it go...

Putting him back

and away it swam.

Swimming away

Granddaughter Olisa was very happy it was let go and that it swam away.

Watching the family and relaxing on the beach today was so nice.

Enjoying the day

Jim and judy

I don't look forward saying good-bye.


do you believe?

Our daughter Erin came down last night and we went on an evening ghost tour on the Strand in downtown Galveston.  We learned a lot of history and heard a lot of ghost stories.  I took a few shots, and in this one I thought I could see something to the right of the stairs on the wall.

Can you see it?

Mr ghost

Do you believe in ghosts?

I will admit that there are some things that just can't be explained, and I'm not here to dispute what people say they have seen.

Well, do you believe?


going to the chapel

One of the missions we visited was Mission Espada, it also was the last one we visited for the day.  The stone walls were pretty much in ruin, and after a long day we thought we'd just quickly walk through.

Mission espada

Mission espada 2

That was before we spied a wedding just getting over.

Mission espada 4

We walked over and I started taking photos of the church that was in beautiful shape.

Mission espada 6

Mission espada 10

I snuck photos of the couple as their wedding was slowly winding down.

Mission espada 11

Mission espada 7

I didn't want to get in the couples way or the photographer, that was until I realized the "photographer" was taking the couples wedding photos with a cell phone, so I started to snap away.

Mission espada 8


When I uploaded my photos I saw the couple was looking at my camera.


The couple got married in front of the well.  I think that's the most beautiful place to get married.

Mission espada 9

After the "photo shoot", I said to the bride and groom that I had hoped that they didn't mind me taking pictures of them, luckily they didn't.  I asked for their e-mail address so that I could send them the shots I took.

As we were leaving another bride was getting out of her car to get married here.  It sure was a busy place.