from our home to yours
saying good-bye

how we spent our christmas

We had a very quiet but wonderful Christmas.  We had our son and daughter-in-law here, they are expecting their first child in March.  I totally didn't take any photos and when I thought of it Dan and Kelli were already in their relaxing clothes.  I think we spent most of our time relaxing and eating.  Dan and Kelli left very early Christmas morning, they just bought a new home in Michigan where they live and were anxious to get moved in.  We had an early meal on Christmas Eve, a friend had stopped by to visit and bring a gift, so he stayed and shared our meal with us.

Christmas eve

Jim and I try to live a simple life.  We are debt free, we have a garden, we heat with wood that is harvested from our land, we make maple syrup for our personal use also harvested from our land, and now we hunt for food to fill our freezer.  This is the second deer that Jim has gotten, that deer is in our freezer and Jim is in the process of tanning the deer hide.  I will make a pair of chopper mittens for him.

Fallen deer

Buck fever

I snowshoed out to not only take photos, but to help drag the deer out of the woods.  This guy was very heavy.  With the first deer we brought it to the butchers in town to be processed, but being Christmas day they were closed.  One of our sons encouraged Jim to do it himself, so he did.  But I won't show you any of those photos, I don't think you would like them (lol).

Pair of snow shoes

This is how we spent our Christmas holiday, which was wonderful!  How was yours?