sights and smells of home

hot soup on a snowy winter day

Chicken tortilla soup

Do you go on Pinterest and pin a lot of delicious looking recipes but never make them?  I do, that is until now.  I've decided to make one recipe a week of the recipes that I have pinned on Pinterest.  Waiting for the snow to hit I thought that this Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup would hit the spot.  I also made seasoned tortilla strips to put on top.  I've only had chicken tortilla soup once so I really couldn't compare the soup I made to any other.  This recipe was very tasty and I plan to make it again.  I just love soup on a cold winter day.

Well, it came and we're all set.  I had filled the feeders yesterday, I figured that if I'm filling my cupboards with food I couldn't forget to fill the cupboards of my feathered friends.

Badger lodge

And, I'm so glad I didn't forget.

Birds at the feeder

Out my window

Jim out plowing trying to keep up with the snow drifts in the driveway.  Our driveway is quite long and will drift over, our youngest the first winter here got stuck and I do mean stuck, where she slid off and we had to dig her out.

Plowing snow

I feel so safe and warm here in our little cabin.  I hope Y'All are safe and sound.