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who doesn't love cupcakes

They're so cute and small and just the right size.  I've been really, really, loving them, and I've been really, really, loving making them.  I've been having a lot of fun decorating them but I really need to take a decorating class, even if it's just for fun.  I pretty much have been winging it when I've been decorating them.

Cupcake 4

Cupcake 6

Cupcake 7

Cupcake 3

Cupcake 5


Since we both can't eat all of them, and we both shouldn't eat all of the cupcakes I've been making, I boxed some up to give to the neighbors and Jim brought some to a widowed man who has been helping him.  Jim said the cupcakes made his eyes light up.  I just hope there were still lit after he ate one...(lol)

Cupcake 8

May I offer you one?