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welcome to minni

On our way down the road we entered into Minnesota, another drive by shot that I almost missed.

Welcome to minni

Wildlife sign

Just past the Upper Mississippi River sign we saw some people stopped on the side of the road looking at something in the trees, so of course we stopped to have a look.  You could hardly see them in the trees, there were actually more hawks then the ones in the photo below, these were just the ones I could get good photos of.

Up high

I put on my zoom lens, but the trees were so thick that I had a hard time getting a focus on them.


There we go, this was the best I could get.  They didn't look the the Red Tailed Hawks that we get in our area.

Hawks in a tree

All of a sudden they all moved over to anther bunch of trees down the road, so we followed them.  I loved this little bridge as we were going by.

Little bridge

Still not any good shots of the hawks, plus they seemed pretty nervous with all the cars stopping.


Taking off

We took this ones que and took flight right on down the road.