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giving thanks


While Jim was out hunting I was putting a lining in the felted bag I had made back in 2009.  I love this bag and only use it in the fall/winter months, but hated that I had to dig for everything, and never could find anything in it, my keys, phone, a pen, whatever it was I was looking for I could never find.  So...I decided to add a lining to it, but I didn't want to go out and buy fabric, so I dug into my fabric scraps, and found that the fabric that I had made the apron for my daughter-in-law with was pretty much the only scrap fabric that would look the best.  I love it!


Also this weekend I made The Pioneer Woman's Fried Mozzarella, these were very good, and I was pretty surprised that I actually got them looking (almost) like hers :)

Cheese sticks

I just had to take a photo of Jim heading off to the deer stand in the afternoon.  Nothing yet so far, but we're hoping.

To the stand

I also made lots and lots of cookies that I will be donating to an event that is happening in town over the Thanksgiving holidays.

Cookie dough

Whew, I'm tired from such a busy weekend.

How about you, how was your weekend?  Was it busy or relaxing?