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swan :: song

Remember a few weeks back where we went on an road trip that took us into Iowa and Minnesota?  We left the hawks and headed on down the road and came upon this place.  These are Tundra Swans and they stop here on the river to rest while they travel to the place where they spend the winter months.

Swan song


If you look close you can see a pair of eagles sitting together on the rivers bank in the photo below.

Swans ducks and eagles


Swimming swans

I got a total charge out of the ducks looking for food.

Hunting for food

I overheard some people talking that there would be more swans coming to stop and rest here.  We had hoped to get back here, but it just didn't work out, I'm pretty sure they have already all come and gone.


giving thanks


Thanksgiving is once again upon us, and like many I have much to be thankful for, and I am blessed in many ways.  I wish all who are celebrating our day of thanksgiving here in the states a very Blessed day however you spend the day.  I am taking a few days off to spend it with family and I will catch you all back here after the holiday.

May God bless and keep each of you in his prayers.



While Jim was out hunting I was putting a lining in the felted bag I had made back in 2009.  I love this bag and only use it in the fall/winter months, but hated that I had to dig for everything, and never could find anything in it, my keys, phone, a pen, whatever it was I was looking for I could never find.  So...I decided to add a lining to it, but I didn't want to go out and buy fabric, so I dug into my fabric scraps, and found that the fabric that I had made the apron for my daughter-in-law with was pretty much the only scrap fabric that would look the best.  I love it!


Also this weekend I made The Pioneer Woman's Fried Mozzarella, these were very good, and I was pretty surprised that I actually got them looking (almost) like hers :)

Cheese sticks

I just had to take a photo of Jim heading off to the deer stand in the afternoon.  Nothing yet so far, but we're hoping.

To the stand

I also made lots and lots of cookies that I will be donating to an event that is happening in town over the Thanksgiving holidays.

Cookie dough

Whew, I'm tired from such a busy weekend.

How about you, how was your weekend?  Was it busy or relaxing?


welcome to minni

On our way down the road we entered into Minnesota, another drive by shot that I almost missed.

Welcome to minni

Wildlife sign

Just past the Upper Mississippi River sign we saw some people stopped on the side of the road looking at something in the trees, so of course we stopped to have a look.  You could hardly see them in the trees, there were actually more hawks then the ones in the photo below, these were just the ones I could get good photos of.

Up high

I put on my zoom lens, but the trees were so thick that I had a hard time getting a focus on them.


There we go, this was the best I could get.  They didn't look the the Red Tailed Hawks that we get in our area.

Hawks in a tree

All of a sudden they all moved over to anther bunch of trees down the road, so we followed them.  I loved this little bridge as we were going by.

Little bridge

Still not any good shots of the hawks, plus they seemed pretty nervous with all the cars stopping.


Taking off

We took this ones que and took flight right on down the road.


who doesn't love cupcakes

They're so cute and small and just the right size.  I've been really, really, loving them, and I've been really, really, loving making them.  I've been having a lot of fun decorating them but I really need to take a decorating class, even if it's just for fun.  I pretty much have been winging it when I've been decorating them.

Cupcake 4

Cupcake 6

Cupcake 7

Cupcake 3

Cupcake 5


Since we both can't eat all of them, and we both shouldn't eat all of the cupcakes I've been making, I boxed some up to give to the neighbors and Jim brought some to a widowed man who has been helping him.  Jim said the cupcakes made his eyes light up.  I just hope there were still lit after he ate one...(lol)

Cupcake 8

May I offer you one?


making the turn

I told you in a few posts back that I would post about watching the barge heading down the river.


We stood on the river banks and watched the barge go by.

Barge 1

Barge 2

Barge 3

Barge 4

Barge 5

Barge 6

Barge 7

Barge 8

Barge 9

Barge 01

Barge 11

Barge 12

Barge 13

Finally it made the turn.

Barge 14

The barge was on it's way and so were we, heading on down the road.


lilac quilt

This is one of the reasons that I've not been visiting blogs as much, or blogging for that matter.  I've been quilting as well.  I quilted this one myself and I probably wont ever again do something this fancy without a quilting machine.  I was a total wreck when I finished this.

Quilt lilac

I traced the pattern then I sewed along the traced lines.  It was not easy trying to get the quilt shoved in between the needle and the machine, that space was a lot smaller than I thought.

Lilac quilt

As you can see by the top photo we haven't had any sun lately, it's been pretty overcast and hazy up here on the ridge.

I hope Y'all have a great day today. 


it's that time of year

For the birds to start migrating south for the winter.  On my birthday last month Jim took me out to dinner in Madison, along the way we spied sand-hill cranes in a field.  I couldn't believe how many had landed in the field to eat and probably rest as they were migrating south for the winter.


Cranes 1

More cranes

We've been getting ready for the winter too, and Jim's been making wood, we've started putting all the yard items away before the snow starts to fly.

I just can't believe it's that time of year again.