found in the woods
leaves for leontien

good morning

How are y'all (said with a Texas accent) doing this wonderful Tuesday morning?  We took a drive last Thursday to Minnesota to Grandparents day 2012.  We only have one grandchild left in the elementary school that celebrates grandparents day there, the other two have moved on up to the middle school.  We always have a nice time watching the kids perform, then visiting the classrooms and then on to the lunchroom for a delicious turkey dinner.

Grandparents day 2012

We headed back home later in the day, because my sister and parents were heading out for a visit.  My sister didn't like the photos of her so I put her dog Cleo in the collage instead.


I'll show you the beautiful bench that Jim made for me that matches great with my loom.  The wood is darkening up very nicely.  I used the bench while I did some quilting yesterday and it works great for that too.

Weaving bench

Busy day today, I'm off later to get my hair cut and later I'll be laying out another quilt to pin so that I can get that quilted.

We had rain over the weekend and now the sun is shining and hopefully we'll get the last of the deck railings painted.  Trying to get things done around here before winter sets in.

Hope y'all have a beautiful day today.