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Photo overload!

A lot of our woods has been overtaken by invasive species plants that will choke out all the other good plants and trees that we want to keep.  In the local paper there was an article that showed how someone had taken care of this problem on their property.  So, Jim called the guy up and he came over to check things out.  He left, then was back with some fencing to put around the thick area we want cleaned up.

More fencing

Fence 2

Fence 1


Property line

Look at how thick it is, you can't even see through it.


So what's the fencing for you ask...Goats!  43 of them to be exact.

The truck and trailer


Letting them out

They know the routine.

43 goats



We will check them everyday to make sure they haven't knocked down any of the fencing (which by the way is electric, tho it has a very low voltage but they don't go anywhere near it) and water them.

Taking a drink

Taking a long drink

All done

I'll be back

It's never a dull moment here at Gentle Hearth Farm.