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county fair

Funnel cakes


Ford tractor

Tractor pull

Truck pull


Sunday's event.

The gate

Lap 1

Taking the curve

By a nose

We had fun at the county fair.  I did pretty good at the fair with my photos, out of 11 photography entries, I placed 1-1st place, 4-2nd place, 1-3rd place and 2-4th place ribbons. No ribbon on the syrup but that's okay I know it's a blue ribbon win.


mural barn

Mural barn

Mural barn 2

Driving through Southeast Wisconsin on our way to Illinois a couple of weeks ago, I spied this barn, I thought this barn was cute and I liked it with the mural on the side of it.  These are drive-by shots, so please excuse the two photos.




On Labor day we had a BBQ at our sons house.  The grand-kids along with two of the neighbors grand-kids had a sandcastle making contest.  It's neat that these are children of parents that used to play together when they were growing up.


i'm still here

Wow, where did August go?  And September seems to be slipping by as well.  I got my knitting done and it was sent to Texas, tho I still have more knitting I'm doing.  I can't show those yet, as they are going to be Christmas presents.

OJ's Sweater

The garden is being harvested and my pantry is filling up.  The drought hurt it some but I am getting enough out of it.  I made salsa, canned some whole tomatoes and need to get out and pick more tomatoes.


We've made 4 batches of strawberry jam, froze some and brought strawberries to Illinois and our DIL made 2 batches plus we had strawberry shortcake :)))  The strawberry patch is doing great this fall.

Fall harvest

Jim found a neat shaped strawberry in the garden yesterday.


The pumpkins are getting big.  Last year I didn't get not one to grow and this year they are doing awesome!


We've had some rain here and the other day a rainbow came out, it felt wonderful to see that.


I finally started working on some quilting UFO's that I need to get done.  I've been kind of taking a blogging break if you haven't noticed by my lack of visiting.  I will be back again, tho I miss visiting you all, I have been needing my time away to get things done here.


tobacco farm

We headed to Illinois for the Labor Day weekend.  On the way we took a different route, though it took a bit longer we found some new places.  If you remember I did a post about a tobacco barn last year this time.  I've been wanting ever since to see a tobacco field.  Well, this past weekend I got my wish.  Jim actually spied the tobacco field first and stopped so I could snap some shots.  This field is getting cut and stacked like this to dry.

Cut tobacco

Then Jim went down the road that runs in front of the farm.  I stood up in the van to get higher so I could get a better shot of the farm.


Jim decided to drive up the driveway to see if anyone was out to ask if we could get a closer look of the place, I was hesitant going into someones yard.  Going down the road I commented that it looks like there are Amish living in the area, because I could see the buggy tracks on the road.

Tobacco 2


The farm turned out to actually be a green house where they sell mums and it also turned out to be an Amish farm.  There was an Amish woman out tending to the mums so Jim got out to talk to her.  She was very happy to let us look around.  I asked her if she minded me taking pictures and she told me that it was not a problem.  I also asked her if the men would mind if I took pictures of them working and she told me that would be just fine, so those photos I will share later.

Amish home

The barn where the tobacco is being dried.  The barn was not your typical tobacco barn, it was a dairy barn at one time that was re-vamped to a tobacco barn.  We were able to walk inside and the smell that was inside the barn was wonderful.  I don't smoke and neither does Jim, but we both loved the aroma that filled the barn.

Tobacco barn

Checking things out

Tobacco 3

Inside the barn

Tobacco 4

Tobacco 5

Tobacco 6

After leaving the farm I spied another tobacco field as we were heading down the road.  This one I took on the fly, so sorry it's not that great.  The lighter green is the tobacco.

Tobacco field

I'm glad we went this way and I hope we go back this way again.