hello :: autumn
the changing colors


The grand-kids got to pick out pumpkins from the garden when they were here last weekend.  This one was bound and determined to carry a pumpkin to the trailer all by herself.  Her big brother came to help but soon gave up as it was too heavy.


Going to help


Gave up

Finally her dad came and helped to put the pumpkin in the wagon with all the other pumpkins they were taking back home with them.  The grand-kids helped us pick all the pumpkins, as I wanted to put some out by our sign and up by the house.

Dads help

Fun times

Even with the drought this summer we got 25 pumpkins to grow.  This is our Three Sisters project that worked out great.

Three sisters

You can't really see them, but the bean plants are there and they did great growing up the corn stalks.  Look how big and yummy these beans look, can't wait to have them in soups this winter.


I love the pumpkins out by the sign.  Our hostas don't look that great, the drought really did a number on them this year.

Fall sign

Hope you all are doing great.