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happy anniversary

Mountain reflection

Today my husband and I celebrate another year of marriage.  So much has happened since that day we said "I do".  The memories are much like this reflection of the colorful mountain.  They are there, like this reflection, you can see them, but there are so many that they tend to blend together.  I don't mean that in a bad way, I mean that in a good way.  So many memories, so many good times, as well as bad times, and making new ones everyday.  Happy Anniversary!

sauna :: rug

I had finished the sauna rag rug a few days ago and totally forgot to post about it.  It's off the loom and I already have another rug on the loom.

Rug beginning

Checking the edge

Beating the loom

First Rag Rug

This rug is now in the sauna, that's why it's called a sauna rug :)

the changing colors

The other day I decided to take a drive to see the colors.  I walked out my front door onto our front porch and this is what I saw.

Side woods

Pulling out of the driveway I look right for any cars...hahaha...I can actually count on one hand how many times I've had to wait for a car to pass and that doesn't even fill my hand up.

Down the road

I look left and in front of me before I pull out onto our road.

Ridge view

The hills were beautiful as I drove in the valley.


I got out of the van to take the shot of the above photo and this is what I found as I came around the back of the van.

Hello cows

Ah, I just love autumn and country life.



The grand-kids got to pick out pumpkins from the garden when they were here last weekend.  This one was bound and determined to carry a pumpkin to the trailer all by herself.  Her big brother came to help but soon gave up as it was too heavy.


Going to help


Gave up

Finally her dad came and helped to put the pumpkin in the wagon with all the other pumpkins they were taking back home with them.  The grand-kids helped us pick all the pumpkins, as I wanted to put some out by our sign and up by the house.

Dads help

Fun times

Even with the drought this summer we got 25 pumpkins to grow.  This is our Three Sisters project that worked out great.

Three sisters

You can't really see them, but the bean plants are there and they did great growing up the corn stalks.  Look how big and yummy these beans look, can't wait to have them in soups this winter.


I love the pumpkins out by the sign.  Our hostas don't look that great, the drought really did a number on them this year.

Fall sign

Hope you all are doing great.

on the loom

I am absolutely excited.  I finally got the loom warped and I'm making a rag rug for our sauna.  I do plan on making more after this one, but after the process it takes to get the loom warped, I'm going to plan on putting enough warp on to make a couple of rugs at the same time.

Warping board

Sleying the reed

Warp chain

Reed in place






Here we go, I'm ready to weave.


If you don't see me for awhile you know what I'll be doing :)

eta: My first project I started got put aside, and hopefuly now I'll get that done.

it was worth the wait

One of our sons had seen this hamburger stand on the Travel channel called Pete's Hamburgers.  So, we took a drive to Prairie du Chien last Sunday and stopped by for a burger.  We actually have seen this before but never stopped, but now we did.

We walked up and saw the line was pretty long, but we figured we came all this way we were going to wait.

Long line

Waiting in line we could see the cook working hard.

The line


So, after we got our hamburgers we went by the river to eat them.


One bad thing about this place is, the hamburger stand is only open for 6 months out of the year.  But, if we don't get there by the time they close next month, we'll visit there next spring.


coming to an end

Butterfly and coneflower

Getting into the van this morning on my way to do some errands I spied this butterfly on the coneflower that is by our front sidewalk.  I quietly got back out of the van hoping the whole time that the butterfly won't get scared and fly off.  After getting back in the van, I sat there thinking that is the last flower in bloom on that plant, and pretty soon, we won't be seeing butterflies for awhile.

Fall is my favorite time of year, but I do hate to see my coneflowers dry up.


old fence line

Down fence

Growing in the tree

The old fence line in the back corner of our property.  I love seeing this fence and it makes me think of what it used to be like walking this land years ago.  We do know it used to be pasture land amongst the trees, and now we tap those trees to get sap to make our maple syrup.