painting and pizza
old potato farm

it's a monday

My hubby worked on getting the sauna windows in over the weekend.  I, sad to say, didn't help.  I was dealing with back spasms.  I've never had them before and man do they stink.  I'm not 100% over them yet but I'm getting there.  I did read on-line that too much rest isn't good for them and that moving around some will help.


So, we walked around the yard a bit yesterday, then I made some pesto.  I only had enough ingredients for 2 batches and my recipe doesn't really make that much, so I'll have to make some more later today.  I found these cute little containers at the doller store, they hold 2 tablespoons of pesto.  I put these in a freezer bag and now they are frozen for use this winter.  I figured putting them in a gallon freezer bag will keep them from opening up and easy to find.


I'm off to Madison to drop off my camera to get it cleaned.  The shop said it will be ready tomorrow sometime.  I don't mind driving there two days in a row, I'd rather do that then have my camera in the shop for weeks on end.