old potato farm
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good morning

I've been enjoying the cooler days we've been having.  I've been trying to get out and walk every morning down the driveway and back to get my muscles moving so my back doesn't spasm up on me.  The drive to Madison the other day to bring my camera in wasn't bad, it got me out and about moving.  I took it easy and stopped a few times.

Taking a walk

Last night I took my beautifully clean camera and went out to see the fresh cut hay, Sadie of course had to follow me.  Not sure what she's looking at but when I tried getting her to look at the camera she wouldn't.



The colors are starting to change here, which I'm happy for fall to be arriving, but sad knowing that winter will be following right behind.

Turning colors

Already changing

Breakfast this morning was out on our deck, I call it our outside bistro area.


With the cooler mornings the shade can be pretty chilly, so Mr moved our table in the sun.  Our breakfast view.

Having breakfast

Another view through the spindles of the railing (which btw are getting stained), a round bale of hay.  The owners are renting their land to the neighbor for another year or so, then they plan on raising beef cattle.  I can't wait.

Hay bale

Hope you all are having a good start to your day.