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the finishing barn

The finishing barn

Fence at finishing barn

More fence

This is the finishing barn where our neighbor brings the calves when they hit a certain age.  They come here to finish getting fattened up before they go to the butcher.  No calves here now, they'll be coming up sometime this fall I believe.


on my needles

Shrug start

I love having my needles going clickety clack, clickety clack.  I have another project going that I'm excited about.  This one is a shrug/sweater that is going to a granddaughter down in Texas.  She starts school next week and though it's hot there she can't wear her sun dresses because they have no sleeves on them (school policy).  So, I am making a shrug type sweater in 100% organic cotton in a natural un-dyed yarn, which should be a cooler yarn.  I hope to get this done in the next few days so that she can wear those new school clothes.  It's so funny, I had e-mailed a couple of patterns to my dil, then I went to the yarn shop and picked out yarn for the exact same pattern that they decided on.  I was going to knit two of them if they had picked one of the other patterns.

I can't wait to get it done and I sure hope it fits, if not I'll knit up another one.


my morning cup

I'm a diet coke drinker, I love my diet coke.  But, I know drinking it is not all that good for me, so I've cut way back from what I used to drink and now I've picked up drinking coffee.  A cup of coffee, especially with cream in it is oh so good.

Morning cup

Not only do I like drinking coffee, I love drinking in this sight. Our hay field is now all baled up and I just love seeing the bales out in the fields.  Here's a shot of our neighbors barn that is making us sick though.  Since moving here we are seeing it slowly fall apart.  This is the good looking side of it.  I wish we could move it over onto our property so that we could fix it up.

Barn and bales

Okay, diet coke vs coffee.  Which is the lesser of two evils?

good morning

I've been enjoying the cooler days we've been having.  I've been trying to get out and walk every morning down the driveway and back to get my muscles moving so my back doesn't spasm up on me.  The drive to Madison the other day to bring my camera in wasn't bad, it got me out and about moving.  I took it easy and stopped a few times.

Taking a walk

Last night I took my beautifully clean camera and went out to see the fresh cut hay, Sadie of course had to follow me.  Not sure what she's looking at but when I tried getting her to look at the camera she wouldn't.



The colors are starting to change here, which I'm happy for fall to be arriving, but sad knowing that winter will be following right behind.

Turning colors

Already changing

Breakfast this morning was out on our deck, I call it our outside bistro area.


With the cooler mornings the shade can be pretty chilly, so Mr moved our table in the sun.  Our breakfast view.

Having breakfast

Another view through the spindles of the railing (which btw are getting stained), a round bale of hay.  The owners are renting their land to the neighbor for another year or so, then they plan on raising beef cattle.  I can't wait.

Hay bale

Hope you all are having a good start to your day.


old potato farm

When we were in Door County this past June we took a ferry over to Washington Island.  Driving on the island we found a few farms there.  It's a good thing my camera is in the shop, because I had to look in my files and I totally forgot about this.  It's a potato farm.  I just loved everything about this place, from the sign, to the house, to the barn, to the land it sits on.

Old hens sign

Old potato farm


Potato barn

Orchard and barn

Barn and field

Purple field flowers

Linking with Tricia for Barn Charm.


it's a monday

My hubby worked on getting the sauna windows in over the weekend.  I, sad to say, didn't help.  I was dealing with back spasms.  I've never had them before and man do they stink.  I'm not 100% over them yet but I'm getting there.  I did read on-line that too much rest isn't good for them and that moving around some will help.


So, we walked around the yard a bit yesterday, then I made some pesto.  I only had enough ingredients for 2 batches and my recipe doesn't really make that much, so I'll have to make some more later today.  I found these cute little containers at the doller store, they hold 2 tablespoons of pesto.  I put these in a freezer bag and now they are frozen for use this winter.  I figured putting them in a gallon freezer bag will keep them from opening up and easy to find.


I'm off to Madison to drop off my camera to get it cleaned.  The shop said it will be ready tomorrow sometime.  I don't mind driving there two days in a row, I'd rather do that then have my camera in the shop for weeks on end.


painting and pizza

We started painting/staining the deck and railings.


After painting all afternoon, I made pizza for dinner.  I found this one in the Taste of Home Diet cookbook.

Pizza chicken pesto

Chicken pesto pizza

I make a lot of homemade pizza, and this Chicken Pesto Pizza was out of this world.  I made some pesto from my basil and was able to use it in this recipe.  My basil is growing wonderfully and I'm planning on making more pesto, but I plan to freeze it so I can use it over the winter.  I'll give you a little hint with the crust.  It called for 2 Tbsp of yeast.  I had to look at that, not once, not twice, but three times, it seemed like a lot of yeast going in the recipe.  But I'm here to tell you, this was the best pizza crust I have ever made.  I'm not sure if there was a miss-print in the book because the on-line recipe calls for 2 Tsp of yeast.  I'm going to stick with the 2 tbsp, it turned out great.

Find the recipe HERE.


now that's my kind of coffee cup

Three cheers for cooler weather...Hip-Hip Hooray...Hip-Hip Hooray...Hip-Hip Hooray...and with cooler weather comes the desire to sew.  I found this cute pattern for a cup cozy when I was at the quit retreat.  A couple of us ladies went to the local quilt shop in town there and I just had to get this, it's going to work perfectly, not only next to my sewing machine, but I can take it on my next retreat in the fall.

Cup holder

I just love all the pockets to hold all my items where I can keep them organized.  You can't tell but the fabric is a sewing/craft theme that I had in my stash from oh-so-long-ago.

Cup pockets

But aren't you just loving this cooler weather or are you still experiencing the heat?


could she be...another picasso

In Door County this past June, I was out riding my bike and came upon this woman painting.  Before I took her photo I did ask permission first.  I just didn't want to offend her if she didn't want her picture taken.

Lady painter

I talked with her a bit as she continued to paint.


I would like to have seen the finished painting.

Life is good here.  I've been gone a lot from here.  I spent 5 days at a quilt retreat, came home for a few days, then took off again for 3 days to Illinois.  It's a rainy day today, a good day to catch up with all of you.


i'm a bad blogger

Hey Y'all, I hope you are doing good.  I can't believe that it's been so long since I've posted.  I've just been a busy girl here.  I've done lots of quilting, and we've been working around Gentle Hearth getting is all spruced up.  We finally got rid of our rotting railings and finished installing the new ones and here's how they look.

Can you believe we have green grass???  It was brown and crunchy not long ago and it needs a mowing BADLY!

I'll share with you some shots we spied on our way to and from LaCrosse to get some stain for the deck and railings.

Deck railings

Had to turn around for this one that Jim spied.

For sale

Manure load

Amish buggy

Gathering the hay

Racing along

Rolling hills

Father and son

Green crop

I've entered some of my photos in the fair for the very first time ever, so I've been busy going through them.  We also entered our maple syrup.  Wish us luck.