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I thought of the Beatles song Hey Jude when I was starting to write this post, plus I had to take a picture of Jude, because that is what Jim would call me back in our younger days :)

Back in Door County we went to a marina where there was this neat building called the Anderson Warehouse Graffiti, visiting boaters would sign the walls of this building.



More signs



It was neat reading all the names and words written on the walls.  Some really popped out at me, like Dawn & Steve our wonderful neighbors we had for 25 years back in Illinois, and the neat drawings people did.

Dawn and steve


Salty dog

And, Warren the name of my kids High School painted in the school colors, how cool is that.


The writings even made it to the peak of the building.


Shadow wave

I had to give you a shadow shot since the word shadow was at the top of the building, so this is a distorted me giving you all a shadow wave from the marina.



I planted an herb garden this year.  I have rosemary, lemon thyme, basil and two kinds of oregano.  There is nothing like fresh herbs in a recipe.  We've wanted to get a dehydrator for so long, and living here we decided to finally get one.  I had been hanging the herbs to dry which worked pretty good, but now we'll see how the dehydrator works.

Spicy oregano

Drying the herbs

We already dried some onions from our garden and I can't wait to use them in soups this winter.  I had a hard time drying basil, so I've been making pesto, which is so darn good.  After this drying time these jars should be pretty well filled up, I hope to get way more jars filled by the time summer is over.

Dried herbs and pesto

I can't wait to make that first pot of soup. I can't wait to smell the soup simmering on top of the wood stove.  I know, I'm pushing it a bit, but right now my house smells so good from the aroma of the herbs, that it must be doing something to me :)

My husband told me that we could dry our herbs how the people in the next town over dry theirs.  They put the herbs on screens and load their cars up with the herbs and let their cars bake in the hot sun.  I'm not sure I'm up for that.

it rained

Finally....I didn't even care that my wash was still out on the line.

Clothes on the line


Sad thing is the rain ended up being a bad storm and our neighbor down the hill had their house hit by a big branch that broke off their willow tree.

Fallen tree

Tree on house

But today is another day.

Smoking mountains

beautiful :: overlook

The first day in Door County we drove around a bit and we stopped at an overlook to see the bay.


Evening sun

Bluff edge

Crystal clear

Can you tell we are excited to be on a vacation?

The weather was gorgeous from the moment we got there.  Still not done with photos from Door County.


mish :: mash

That's what you'll be getting here in this post...mish mash. 

We haven't had any rain here lately, at least not enough to help with the drought we are having.  This photo is at a wayside on our way to Illinois last week, we were there a couple of days to help pack up our son and dil who moved to Michigan.

Brown grass

This weekend we went to a Bluegrass & Gospel Festival and had an awesome time.  But, before the music started we went shopping, I in the Yarn shop and Jim in the Fly shop.  How convenient they are right next to each other :)

Yarn and fly shops

String ties

The young lady on the mandolin is going to turn 90 years old next week, she stood for every set her group played, which was for about 45 minutes each time.  I hope that if I make it to her age, that I have the same pep that's in her step.


If I keep eating healthy like I've been doing....I should.

Pita pocket

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.


fish :: boil

While in Door County we went to a fish boil.  It's very different from the ones we did back in Illinois, this fish boil was made with whitefish and we used salmon.  This restaurant put on a good show and was fun to watch.

Fish boil

Fish pot

Boil over

Getting it hot



Lifting the pot

Deboning the fish


Fish boil plate

I can't wait to go back.

a classic

This old classic was found along side the Gus Klenke garage.  I just love old trucks like this.  Our neighbor down in the valley has a beautiful one, I'll try and remember to take a photo of it someday.

Blue truck

Wheel and flowers

I still have a lot more photos from Door County coming.  It's summer and a busy time of year, but then when is it ever not busy over here.  So, more photos coming and photos of what's been happening around here coming soon.


summer :: fall

I finally get to show you a couple of bags I made.  These two were sent down to Texas.  I thought these were perfect for living by the gulf, to be able to cram all their beach stuff in them.  And right when I was about finished with the second one my embroidery machine locked up on me, NOT GOOD.  So, that is in for repair.

Beach bags

But, in the mean time I knitted myself a vest for the fall.  Yes, I have a turtle neck shirt on under the wool vest, and yes the temps were probably in the mid 80's, and no I won't show you my red face from the heat.  Luckily the shot came out okay for me to call it good so I could get the heck out of these warm clothes.

Hooded sweater finished

I hope to get visiting you all today, it's just been busy with our weekend project going on here that is almost finished.

You all have a wonderful day!


just keeping it real

So, is it cooling down in your area yet?  We are not, but it's supposed to be soon.  I have to admit I couldn't take it anymore and the other day I went out and bought a window unit...RELIEF...I just couldn't handle the thought of having the temps hit 100 degrees and no air.  I wasn't sure I was going to make it through it and live to tell about it.  It doesn't cool the whole house but it's enough with fans going to keep it bearable.  I still won't put the oven on, the stove top is bad enough.

While in Door County, Jim went on a fishing charter out of Sturgeon Bay to fish for walleye.  His charter captain is a retired pro fisherman.  Jim was the only one on the boat so they ended up fishing most of the day.  Jim learned a lot about walleye fishing, much different from the salmon fishing he used to do on Lake Michigan.  These photos Jim took with his phone.

Fishing poles



While Jim was fishing I went for a bike ride and put 10 miles on my bike odometer, and by the time we went home I clock almost 20 miles on it.  It was so much fun to be biking again. Here I stopped and took a break and walked down to the waters edge.


Waters edge


We kind of cut out our walks, not sure why.  Though Jim started running every morning, I have to admit I've been very lazy about doing anything.  But since our vacation I've been walking/running every morning.  I put on my walking shoes, plug in the i-Pod and now my newest item is the hand weights for working my arms.

Workout tools

Thought I would show you too one of the hills that I have to climb on my walks.  It doesn't look big from this angle, but believe me, it is :)

Long way up

Care to join me tomorrow?

We have a weekend project going, so I'll catch you all later.

Have a wonderful weekend.