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life is a bowl full of cherries

We're finally starting to figure that out.  On Monday as you well know we headed out down the road to Door County for the first time ever.  This was an honest to goodness vacation, one that didn't involve working during it.  We actually relaxed and did some fun things for us, and I'm still in vacation mode right now, especially with the HOT weather we are having.  On our way home yesterday we found out that there is a burn restriction in our county and surrounding counties, especially for those that live in the country.  We burn probably 50% of our garbage, which consists mostly of paper products, we recycle everything else and what garbage doesn't burn hardly fills up the small can we use.  Walking out in the yard today, every time we stepped, it would crunch under our feet.  I'm not sure if we'll be having fireworks in town for the 4th or if they'll be cancelled.  I'd rather be safe than sorry, especially with the wildfires in Colorado.  I think of my Blogging friend Ann who lives out there.


I'm going to try and look at life more like it's a BIG bowl of cherries, and now I'm off to go and have some. 

Have a listen to this song from the 1930's sung by Doris Day, here are the lyrics if you'd like to sing along, the lyrics start about the 1:15 mark...Enjoy!

Life is just a bowl of cherries;
Don't make it serious;
Life's too mysterious.
You work, you save, you worry so,
But you can't take your dough when you go, go, go.
So keep repeating it's the berries;
The strongest oak must fall.
The sweet things in life
To you were just loaned,
So how can you lose what you've never owned?
Life is just a bowl of cherries,
So live and laugh at it all.

down the road we go

We got up early and dropped off Sadie as we head out of town.  We found a great place to board Sadie while we do a bit of traveling.  This road is actually the driveway leading to the secluded place where Sadie will be spending the next few days.  Sorry for the bad photo, you are seeing some bug smear on our windshield :O


Stopped for breakfast at a small family style restaurant.

Order up

One of these days I'm going to have a meal sitting at the counter.

Counter seats

We saw a few barns along the way, which I will share later, and we met a few people.  It is such a small world, this couple, Marge and Don, live in a town that is next door to the village we lived in, in Illinois.

Marge and don

Hope you are all doing good and happy trails to you.

paper :: dress

Going through my folders again, I found these photos.  This dress was in a shop window located in The Strand, in Galveston Texas.  I can't remember the name of the shop or what it was all about, but I thought I would show you anyway.

Bottom of dress


Magazine dress

Evening Gown

I can't imagine the work that went into making this dress.  I'm kicking myself that I didn't find more info surrounding this paper dress.  One thing, I sure wouldn't want to be caught in the rain wearing it :)

stomach contents

I haven't been taking any photos lately as I've been busy sewing and knitting, so this morning I went through my many folders of photos and came upon this series.  These were taken almost a year ago when we helped move our girls down to Texas last August.  I did a post here about the Glore Psychiatric Museum.

Stomach contents


More contents

Surgical results


When I worked as a unit secretary in the X-ray department my co-workers would talk of patients eating no-food items.  I believed them, but just had a hard time imagining anyone doing it.

I need to go through my folders more, I wonder what else I haven't posted about.


clickety :: clack

Dish cloths

Doing a little knitting to help me beat the heat, and I need a little bit of help from you knitters out there.  I started a sweater a few years ago and I took it down to Texas with us in January.  I finished the back when we were down there and started on the front and I'm just not liking it.  I'm thinking of ripping it all out and starting over with another pattern.

Sweater back

I like the pattern, it's a tulip pattern, but after getting this much done, I'm not totally sure it's ME.  I'm thinking it's TOO much tulips in the sweater.  I just don't think I'm going to be happy with the finished work, the tulip pattern will also be in the front and the sleeves.  Is it just me thinking it's too much?

Tulip pattern

Question: Am I crazy????  Has anyone knitted this far or farther and ripped it out and started over? 


heat :: spell


Our snap peas are doing great this year, actually our whole garden is.  I should have gone out to take photos, but with the heat in the 90's and no AC, I'm not heading outside only to hang clothes on the line, then it's back in the house as fast as I can.  To get through the heat spell we're having, I just close up the place by mid-morning and shut all the shades and drapes and hunker down with all the fans going.  It's not that bad really, I have been getting some sewing done and I even managed to pick up the needles for a couple of quick things to make.

There's no baking bread these past few days either :( 

Whole wheat bread

We've either grilled or I put something in the crock pot, but that gives off a bit of heat too, but not too bad.  I try not to turn any lights on and we've been eating dinner by candle light.  Kind of romantic don't you think?  Only when you're sweating and feeling pretty grubby (with a few hot flashes thrown in for good measure), I'm not sure there is any romantic in it :)

So, how about you all, do you have AC, and if not, how do you handle the heat?


it might be old...but it's still standing

It's been a while since I've done Barn Charm.  I had decided not to participate as I wasn't really able to visit other blogs and didn't think it fair.  So, I'm going to try again and hopefully I'll be able to visit.  I found this charmer on our way to Illinois this past May.  These are drive-by shots, so please excuse if they are a bit blurry.


Another view of the barn, I particularly like the clouds in this shot.



poor guy comes to visit and he gets put to work

He says he doesn't care and I know Jim appreciates the help.  The brick around the sauna stove is done.  The sauna is slowly getting done, and Jim finished scraping all the walls inside and out and they look great.


Working on the bricks

Dan and his dad making strawberry jam, we made two batches and we sent them home for Dan and Kelli to enjoy.

Dan and dad

These flowers were so pretty hanging in front of the cafe where I took Jim for fathers day.  No, I didn't cook, actually it's the first time ever that I didn't make a fathers day meal for him, and our son was here so he came with us.  After we ate Jim was on the phone with one of the kids so Dan and I were checking out the watering system on the flowers.  Can you see the hose that runs along by the lights above the plants?  There's also a little hose that goes into each plant.  Clever way to water the plants, I've always wondered how they always seemed to look so good.

Beautiful flowers

We had a wonderful weekend and it was so nice to visit with our son.