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turning an old chair into something fun

I have an old chair that I had on my front porch in Illinois, and when we moved here I packed it up and it found a place on our front porch here.  The weather had taken it's toll on the chair and I contemplated throwing it out.  That is until I found this neat idea to turn something old and falling apart, ready for the burn pile, into something totally cute.

Vines and chair

I found this neat idea to do this to an old chair that I had sitting on my porch.  The chair was getting pretty weathered and the seat was totally gone.  The vines we had growing in our woods are thicker than the vines on the chairs I saw in the cute shop in Prairie Du Chein, but I think they worked pretty good.  I added an old birdhouse that also was in our Illinois yard that we recently brought back here, I almost had Jim put the birdhouse up in the backyard, so glad he didn't.

I can't wait to show you the next thing I'm going to start working on, which is this old stump.

Old stump

This may take a while so be patient.  I've been on Pinterest getting wonderful ideas for my gardens and yard.  I just love this time of year and being outside.