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decoration :: day


Now known as Memorial Day...You can read more about it HERE, it's pretty interesting.

The next couple of photos I took a year ago when we were heading to Texas, we stopped in Vicksburg Mississippi for the night.  But before we left we visited the Vicksburg National Military Park where the Siege of Vicksburg took place.



Remembering ALL veterans!

wet :: hummingbird

Woke up on Saturday to a rainy morning and found this little humming bird preening in the rain on the back of our patio chair. Not the greatest shot through the dirty patio window in the dark while it was raining.

Wet hummer

The rain stopped, but that didn't matter he kept going from the feeder to the chair.

Sitting hummer

Fluffing his feathers

Just thought I'd share what I got to see most of the morning.

cat in the window

Walking through the small Iowa town we visited last weekend, I spied this cat in one of the windows.

Cat 1

He was as curious about me as I was about him.

Cat 2

After he decided that I was not that interesting, and the bird in the nest wasn't worth eating, he took off.

Cat 3

And so did I.

prayer request

Wild rose

I would like to ask you my blog readers for a favor.  I have met some wonderful people here in Southwest Wisconsin and prayers are needed for one of my friends, whose husband was in a farming accident.  I don't know the details only that he is in the hospital and it's pretty serious. 

Prayers are like this wild rose bush that I have growing in my yard, as it grows it will spread out far.  I hope you will say a prayer for my friends husband and maybe you could ask your friends to say a prayer too, so that maybe the prayer chain will spread like this wild rose bush does.

Thank You!

turning an old chair into something fun

I have an old chair that I had on my front porch in Illinois, and when we moved here I packed it up and it found a place on our front porch here.  The weather had taken it's toll on the chair and I contemplated throwing it out.  That is until I found this neat idea to turn something old and falling apart, ready for the burn pile, into something totally cute.

Vines and chair

I found this neat idea to do this to an old chair that I had sitting on my porch.  The chair was getting pretty weathered and the seat was totally gone.  The vines we had growing in our woods are thicker than the vines on the chairs I saw in the cute shop in Prairie Du Chein, but I think they worked pretty good.  I added an old birdhouse that also was in our Illinois yard that we recently brought back here, I almost had Jim put the birdhouse up in the backyard, so glad he didn't.

I can't wait to show you the next thing I'm going to start working on, which is this old stump.

Old stump

This may take a while so be patient.  I've been on Pinterest getting wonderful ideas for my gardens and yard.  I just love this time of year and being outside.