left alone to fade away
going to plant some trees

we can't quite use it yet

But soon.  Tuesday morning our builders arrived and started working.

All ready

Of course Jim had to help.  These top two photos were taken from inside the house, not clear shots at all.



Dove tail joints...

Dove tail

and the logs get caulked together.


Lifting the log

Helping out

Almost done

Sauna front

All done for this day.  When Jim worked construction he worked for a bunch of Finlanders.  Whenever they finished a house they would put a sapling up on the ridge pole, then they would take the rest of the day off to celebrate.  But since our sauna isn't going to have one, it went up on the highest spot.  We're not exactly done, but we are done with this part, so Jim went into the woods and dug up a sapling and planted it in a box he made and nailed it to the highest spot which in our case is the gable.

Nailing it down

The Amish men looked a bit confused at first, that is until Jim told them the story behind this tradition.

Telling a story

All done and ready for the roof, door and windows.


There is another story behind the walls of the sauna.  Jim wanted the logs to look more like they were hewed by hand and not cut by a machine, only the Amish fellow didn't quite understand what Jim wanted and put way too many marks in the logs.  We were quite shocked to see it at first, but figure as the logs weather and the roof, windows, and door are on maybe it won't pop out so much.  The more I look at it tho the more I like it, and as some have said it gives it character.

eta: When the sauna is all done and ready for use the sapling tree will get planted again.