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april 2012 :: scavenger hunt

It's the end of April and time to share my photos from the scavenger hunt held by Kathy over at Postcards from the P.P.  Some of the words were easy and some a bit harder and some just jumped right out at me.  I hope you enjoy what I've come up with.

Rock...On our drive to Iowa we stopped in this really cute town along the river.  This is a mock home built into the rock wall over looking a garden patio that the owners have outside their home.

In/Out...This one really jumped out at me and I right away applied it to In/Out.  I thought this entrance would be neat to go in and out of on a daily basis.


Amazing...I caught this after the sun had come up the other day, the sunrise made the trees look like they were on fire, and I thought it was pretty amazing.


Can't live without it...Sunsets and sunrises, I can never get enough of them when I do see them.  I kept snapping shots of this one.  This is the sunrise that caused the effects in the photo above.

Can't live without

On the move...Here is our dog Sadie on the move through what looks like a field of dandelions but is really alphalpha, trying to catch up with our son Dan who was on the 3 wheeler.

On the move

Smile...I had to turn around for this shot and was quite happy to do so, otherwise you would be seeing a photo of me giving you a big smile and I really wasn't up for that ;0


Spring...Spring is here when the lilac bushes are in bloom.  I had to bring some of it into the house, even for just a little while.


Multi Coloured...At the local bank there were lots of these pinwheels stuck in the ground and wouldn't you know it, they were multi-coloured.


Sticky...This one wasn't that hard to come up with, especially when we have this sweet sticky liquid at our finger tips.


Tangle...A little mess in my yarns, but not too bad, after going through my yarn stash this is pretty much all that I have left that is in a tangle.


Indulgence...Walking the cute town in Iowa, we went to indulge ourselves with a bit of ice cream.  Our indulgence though didn't happen, as the ice cream didn't quite look as inviting as the entrance going into the shop.


Direction...This direction is one I wasn't about to miss.


I hope you enjoyed what I came up with for the scavenger hunt.  It's a challenge to get my mind thinking and my eye looking for good photos, and I love it.

i'm going into my 6th year of blogging

I started blogging 5 years ago today.  I originally picked a blog title of Midlife Bliss and I really don't remember why I changed it to daily yarns 'n more.

A lot has changed since the beginning with both my blog and my life.  I started out with Blogger and after a few months of having troubles with it I made the switch to TypePad and I haven't looked back or regretted that move, I love what TypePad has to offer me.

My blogging hasn't changed that much, only maybe I post more photos and less words.  Bloggers have come and gone since I've started.  Some blogs I used to follow have closed down, some are still there but the owners just don't post anymore or as often as they did.  I've found new blogs and the greatest thing of all is that I've actually met a few of my fellow bloggers/readers of my blog and that is the neatest thing of all.

I updated my about me page and don't think I'll be doing too many changes here on the blog other than my banner which I like to change often.  Now that Picnic is closed, I'm not too sure where I'll be making my banners at.  I did try Smilebox but for some reason since downloading it I couldn't upload photos to TypePad on my lap top, I wasn't sure if there was a connection or it was a coincidence, but after consulting my wonderful computer whiz son, I found out it was indeed Smilebox that caused it :(

I've learned so much about taking photos, tho I still have trouble taking food shots.

Cornish pasty

I have found so many quilting blogs that have inspired me.


I love living in the country, and living a much more slower paced simpler life.

Wool shirts

My camera does go with me everytime I walk out the door, because I never know just what I'll find to photograph next.


Wow, when I first started I never imagined that I would still be blogging 5 years later.

Here's looking forward to another 5 years of blogging.

another abandoned barn

This barn is another one I have been meaning to take pictures of since moving here.  It's all grown in and a few of he buildings that are here are so hidden by growth that you can't even see the buildings.

Old barn

Small old building

Barn roof

Barn window and door

I wish I could just pack this barn up and take it home with me.


the mississippi

We went to Iowa for a Sunday drive and went to Pikes Peak.  I've been to another Pikes Peak years ago and that one was in Colorado.  This Pikes Peak and the Colorado Pikes Peak are named after the same fellow.

Point of discovery

The overlook


The confluence

Low water

We had a really fun day getting out and seeing the countryside.

farm :: truck

I'm happy that Mr is happy with his truck.  I'm happy that we don't have to use my van anymore for hauling things that simply mess up my van, like these bales of straw.  We worked out in the strawberry bed today, getting rid of weeds and putting straw down so the invasive pests are kept at a minimum.  We mulched the whole bed and it looks great.

Farm truck

I'll leave you with a shot of a turkey that took off in front of me heading home.  I stopped my van and before I could get a shot of him on the ground he took flight.


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

no city lights

Sunset 4-18-12

Big tree

Last night Jim said to me, "I'm going out to watch the sunset".  Oh, I guess I should go too, I thought to myself, and so I yelled out, "I'll come too".  So, I pulled myself up off the comfy cozy spot where I had parked myself where I was hoping for the evening, and went outside. 

I was glad I did.

No city lights to pollute the sky and hide the beautiful sunset.  You just can't get this kind of a sunset in the city.


Linking with Rural Thursday and Homestead Barn Hop.