two barns on a hill
trying to beat the snow

into the city for an evening

I know I no longer live near Chicago, but that doesn't mean I don't have strong ties to this wonderful city. 

Heading into the city

Our son decided that a night out was in-store, so Jim and I along with our son and daughter-in-law headed to Chicago for dinner and take in a game of hockey with our beloved team the Chicago Blackhawks

Driving and walking through Chicago on our way to the restaurant I snapped some photos and someday I plan to stop at the Weber Grill, I've heard about this resataurant but have never been.

Weber grill

Weber grill restaurant

City street

Dinner was at this quaint Italian restaurant.


After dinner it was on to the game.  It was fun watching this game because both teams are of the Original 6.

Madhouse on madison

The singing of the National Anthem was so awesome, you couldn't even hear yourself or for that matter the singer Jim Cornelison, everyone was singing and cheering, it was totally phenomenal.

National anthem


On one knee

A goal

Number one player

Fan cam

We had a really fun time, and the game results were pretty great too.