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march 2012 :: scavenger hunt

It's that time again for Kathy's monthly scavenger hunt.  I missed February with being so busy with sugaring and all.  Here's my contribution.

Buttons...found in the tin that came from my mom, which came from my grandmother...and yes, these buttons are OLD.


City...I do love my small town.


Fashion...I thought that this outfit was quite fashion(y) that even a word?


Fancy...I had my two granddaughters help me pick some fancy outfits that the dolls were wearing when we were at the American Girl store.  Out of the three we thought were the fanciest, I picked this one.


Half a Face...leaving the AG store and getting into the car, I thought this was perfect for my half a face.

Half a face was bread making day.

My kitchen

Landmark...I've posted this one before and I couldn't think of any landmarks around here off the top of my head, and we passed this on our way to the Dells.  I don't recall what it's called, but it looks like an elephant's trunk.


Morning...I haven't been up early enough to catch a good sunrise photo, but I did manage to capture this one.  I almost missed it ;)


Square...I was having a mental block on this one, until I looked down at what I was block of the month was square.


Street name...driving around town I was looking for a good street name, while stopped at an intersection I looked up and saw E First st and a first sign of spring in the leaves leafing out on the trees.

Street name

Theatre...this is found in town and unless they convert to digital it may be closing along with the outdoor movie theatre.


Words...I was originally looking for graffiti and on our way to Illinois last week to see the accountant I spied this in one of the towns we went through.


Oh man that was fun.  I almost didn't get a few of them and I could have gone into my archives but that isn't the point of the hunt, it's to look for things now. 

It sure keeps my eye looking for the words on the list and keeps me on my toes as I look for items to photograph.

any girls dream

I took a quick trip on Wednesday leaving Jim and Sadie home.  I went with two of my granddaughters and my daughters (their moms) to the American Girl store that is in the Mall of America.  I had a wonderful time and was so excited that they invited me to go with them.  I went in 2008 when my daughters took the older sisters of these two.


The funnest thing for the girls to do there was to have their dolls get their hair done at the salon.

Here the girls are looking over the board trying to decide what kind of hairstyle they want for their dolls.




Happy smiles meant they were satisfied with the results.


After having fun at the salon and looking around the store we headed to the cafe where we had reservations for "Tea".



Finger sandwiches



An end to a wonderful day for these two.


It was a long day and I had a long drive ahead of me, so I put a CD in and listened to a book on the way home, this made the trip go very fast.

After getting home and relaxing before heading to bed I got a phone call, which was such a wonderful surprise from a blogging friend, Diane over at Out of the Loop Group

It was so nice talking with you Di :)  A perfect way to end an awesome two days.

strutting his stuff

Since moving here to Southwest Wisconsin I have been waiting to see a Tom turkey strutting around the hens and I was so excited when the other day I got the chance to see it.  I was on my way home and stopped on the side of the road to take these shots.  I wish I could have gotten closer, but I didn't dare get out of the car, cross the road, and climb into the brush, only to have the chance of scaring them off.  So, I quickly changed my lenses and sat and watched and snapped away. 

This Tom had a field full of hens to strut for.

Strutting tom

And strut he did.


He was such a beauty, even his backside was pretty.

Back end

I was impressed with him, but the hens sure didn't seem to be.

after almost 2 years...

Flowered quilt

Yesterday I finished another UFO.  I thought of sending this out to be quilted but I wanted to start and finish it myself...and I did.

Maybe now I can finish another UFO that I started just after this one.

It's beautiful here in the Ocooch Mountains this Sunday morning, I hope you all have a wonderful day.

lying in wait...

I set my camera on the tripod and hid it behind the curtains, because every time I got up to take a shot of the red bellied woodpecker that has been visiting lately, it would get spooked and fly away.

Bird house

Oh man, I almost got a shot of him, I ran to the camera so fast that I wasn't even focused when I took the photo.

Getting away

Yeah!  I got it.


Our feeders have been quiet all winter and I'm excited to have visitors again.

country animals

Doing my dishes one after lunch one day, I was looking out the window and this is what I saw.  Some of the neighbors horses grazing along the fence line, I thought it made a neat shot.


It's getting to be calving time again and the neighbor down the hill from us will be having quite a few born this spring, at least we hope he will.

Path of hay

We spied a new one the other day, it was up on the top of the hill.  But, coming home from town yesterday I spied it with it's momma a bit closer and darn if I didn't have my zoom lens with me, I have to remember to grab my whole bag instead of just my camera.

Cows and baby

I can't wait until I can get closer shots of the new ones.

Ah, spring!

music to my ears

It feels so good to be hearing the birds again.  This one was in the tree in the front yard yesterday morning, and it was chirping and the neatest thing was another robin was answering it.

Singing robin

Jim went fishing around dinner time and I spent the evening relaxing and hand sewing the binding on the quilt I've been working on.

Hand sewing

I'm really enjoying these beautiful "early" spring days.

Linking with Rural Thursday.

it's in bloom...


I am so happy, my forsythia bush is starting to really bloom now.  I had two bushes in my Illinois yard and two of my daughters got me this bush for mothers day last year and I just LOVE it...Thanks girls!

Yesterday was the first day of spring and the weather was spot on for it too.  I still can't believe the temps we've been having for the month of March, I'm sure it's nice in other areas of the country as well :) 

My flower beds are all cleaned out, Jim's been working getting the garden ready.  We planted a few things that are okay to plant now and I can't wait to see everything growing.

Cleaning the mud off

Our companion goes with us every where, just content to be nearby.

Sadie girl

We are starting to green up, not only in the trees but on the ground.  It doesn't look like it in these photos, I took these about 5 days ago, except the top photo which I took yesterday.

I hope you all have a wonderful day today.

is it or isn't it?

Brick barn

A barn that is...I've been meaning to take a photo of this brick barn, so Jim and I took a ride after dinner tonight and I took a photo of this building which I thought when I've driven by it before was a barn, now I'm not so sure.

What do you think?

Eta: I found out from a neighbor that this building was where meat was processed back in the day...So I guess you could say it's a barn :)