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our last weekend on the island

It's coming to and end, our time here down on Galveston Island.  We had such a wonderful time being with family and being in the warm climate.  Erin was the only one who was able to head here for a few days, so on Saturday we headed down to The Strand, where we window shopped, ate lunch and just walked around enjoying the day.

The art gallery


Since this was our last weekend here and probably the only time to see all the family together before we head back home, we headed into Houston to our son and dil's home where our son made a wonderful BBQ smoked brisket on his smoker grill.



Sliced brisket3

Here's all of our Texas family, the three girls and our son and dil and their 2 girls.  Jim and I both were taking this photo, so they were all looking at him :)

Texas family

It's not easy saying good-bye, but it's not really good-bye because we plan to come back down here again.

taking a boat ride to see the dolphins

We took a boat ride when my sister was here to see the dolphins.

Boat ride

My sister

We did see a few active ones, but they're too quick to catch them out of the water.


Two dolphins

A few shots of one of my favorite birds from the south.

Perched pelican

Pelican in flight

A few more interesting things we saw.  It cracked me up to see how all the birds looked like they were standing at attention.

At attention

Seagulls at attention

A shrimp boat

Sailing boats

This big guy is called Texas Responder and is for oil spills.

Texas responder

It was a wonderful day out on the water.

pretty please

Can i come in

We laughed so hard when we saw this.  I didn't take this photo, I had my daughter grab my camera to take this shot. 

Sadie girl has been on a diet since we came down here.  We took her to the vet before we left as she needed to have her shots up to date and I just wanted to make sure she was alright before we made the trip down here.  WELL...even tho I knew this, I just felt so bad hearing it..."Sadie is overweight".  I have to bring her back to the vets in April and they'll be so surprised how lean and trim she has gotten.

I see you

I'm off to take a long walk on the beach, maybe I'll be lean and trim by April myself :)

a birthday with a theme

Our granddaughter turned 1 down here in Texas and her mom makes the cutest and yummiest cakes.  I thought it was fitting that since we're down here by the gulf, that the cake had a sea/beach theme.

Cake 1

Birthday cake

Opening presents

The beach house is quiet, everyone is back to their homes, my sister arrived safely to 30 degree weather and we now have about 10 days left here, then we'll start thinking about heading North.

I have to admit that I do miss home, and I have to admit that I wouldn't mind seeing a bit of snow, but not the negative degree temps.  This is the longest I've ever been away from home.  We are still loving it down here and I know once we get back to the Midwest and the winter weather, I'll be thinking about our walks here on the beach.

I've lots to catch up on, but right now I have a good book calling my name.

Y'all have a great night.

my sister arrived

Would you believe that yesterday was the first time we got off the island?  We headed to Houston to pick up my sister who flew down here to spend a few days with us on the island.

Houston skyline

It was late when she got off the plane so we headed to a really good BBQ place to get something to eat.  We met two of the daughters (the other one was working) and our son and his wife already were eating dinner, so it was just the five of us.

Goode co.

The reviews on this place said they had a really good pecan pie.  Ya know what?  They did :)

Pecan pie

It's going to be busy here for the next few days, so it might be a bit quiet here at daily yarns.

random shots of the day

I finally took some shots of these flowers growing down by the beach.  I thought I'd bring some color to those who are not seeing any right now.

Wild flowers

Wild black eyed susan

Indian blanket

It's been very windy and rainy here lately, and this is what Sadie likes to do when she can't go out and about.

Taking a nap

We won't let her in the beach house as she just shed a winters worth of dog hair in about a week.  I wasn't about to spend my whole time down here sweeping up after her.  Don't feel sorry for her, she may LOOK uncomfortable, but she's quite content where she lays.

Sleeping sadie

Hope you all enjoy your day.

people and wave watching

We had to get our van fixed as we had a leak in the heater hose, so our daughters dropped us off at the seawall on their way back to Houston.  We had a few hours to kill so we sat on some rocks and watched the waves, I ended up checking the people out as well.

Watching the waves

The waves coming in were sandy.

Sandy wave

Don't you just love the cowgirl boots?

Cowgirl boots


Reading on the beach

Fishing deck

Hope you all have a wonderful day today.