snowed in
trying to embrace the cold

rip, rip, yum, yum

I have to tell you I ripped this hat out at least 3 times.  I was ready to ball it up and toss it across the room after ripping it out one too many times.  I'm not talking about the cabled band, that was a piece of cake.  It was trying to get the body of the hat onto the cabled band that gave me so much trouble.  But, I stayed with it and love the results.  The band is cuffed up and walking the other day I was so glad that it was.  It gave me extra warmth and the wind didn't hit my ears at all.

Cabled maroon hat

The yum yum part, is the pumpkin pie that I made.  I just love this time of year...pumpkin pie and peppermint ice cream...tho not necessarily together.

Pumpkin pie 2011

Headed to town this afternoon and the snow there is almost all melted.  Getting out of our driveway wasn't so easy tho.

Winter has arrived.