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trying to embrace the cold

Tomato soup and grilled cheese

And, I'm doing that with soup.  I think we've had soup the past couple of days.  Well, at least when the snow came and that's okay, because we like soup.  I made some tomato soup yesterday and grilled cheese for dinner.  I kind-of-sort-of followed this recipe.  But, instead of canned tomatoes, I used my homemade canned tomato sauce and eliminated the tomato soup and cayenne pepper.  I also didn't have any shallots so I just used a yellow onion, which worked just fine.

I've been working on another quilting project that started way back in 2009.  This one I'm really excited about.  I think I got the quilting bug from this and I can't wait to show you.  I've learned so much since then.

You all stay warm if the weather in your area is turning colder and you're getting snow.  Our snow probably will be gone by the weekend with the temps heading up to the 50° mark.  That's okay, it'll be back before we know it.

rip, rip, yum, yum

I have to tell you I ripped this hat out at least 3 times.  I was ready to ball it up and toss it across the room after ripping it out one too many times.  I'm not talking about the cabled band, that was a piece of cake.  It was trying to get the body of the hat onto the cabled band that gave me so much trouble.  But, I stayed with it and love the results.  The band is cuffed up and walking the other day I was so glad that it was.  It gave me extra warmth and the wind didn't hit my ears at all.

Cabled maroon hat

The yum yum part, is the pumpkin pie that I made.  I just love this time of year...pumpkin pie and peppermint ice cream...tho not necessarily together.

Pumpkin pie 2011

Headed to town this afternoon and the snow there is almost all melted.  Getting out of our driveway wasn't so easy tho.

Winter has arrived.

snowed in

That's how I spent my satellite...I did sew and I watched the snow fall.  I could use my cell phone and was able to get the internet that's not the easiest to see anything. 

This was the view from my back deck, the visibility was pretty much nil.

Foggy snowy day

Snowy birdhouse

So...I made a bean soup on the wood stove, while the lights flickered off and on now and again.

Hot stove

and, a pumpkin pie sounded good after supper so I made that as well.

There's something about snow storms that make me want to bake.

barn charm~decorated barn

Heading to my quilt retreat this past weekend I took my time.  I stopped and took pictures along the way, not a lot, but ones that were worth stopping for.  I thought this barn was pretty neat all decorated with old farm items and the rusty roof just looked beautiful...if a roof can even look beautiful :)  To me this barn had a bit of charm to it.

Decorated barn and fence

This is another view of the barn.  I liked the little shed that was next to it.

Decorated barn

Tomorrow I will post for Wordless Wednesday the house that went with this barn.


i can't wait to go back

When I arrived at the retreat way up North I was brought back in time to sixth grade and going to Outdoor Education.


Here I go to head into Cabin 7.

Cabin 7

I was not disappointed as to what I would find in Cabin 7.  I picked a lower bunk being that I was the first one and there was absolutely NO WAY I was going to climb up on the top bunk.  It turned out that only two of us shared this cabin.

Sleeping quarters

After getting my sleeping quarters all in order I headed to the building where I was assigned to sew for the weekend.  Here is my corner and my cabin partner Beth busy sewing away.

My area

I was so busy sewing I forgot to take photos, so I quickly snapped a few but I missed a few ladies.


Back corner

The youngest quilters at the retreat.  After they worked on their quilts they became creative.

Emma and roz

I brought many things to work on as I wasn't sure how much I was going to actually get done.  My goal for the weekend was to finish my Block of the Month quilt top, and that goal was met.  YEAH!!!!

Kansas quilt finished

I had a wonderful time.  I sewed, I laughed, I ate, I sewed, I laughed, I ate...and throw a few sleeps in there and that pretty much summed up the weekend.

I can't wait to do it again.

i'll be heading down the road

Tomorrow I'm heading to my very first quilt retreat.  WooHoo, I am too excited.  I'm almost all packed up, at least the most important stuff is anyway, the things I'll be working on and my sewing supplies.  I just need to pack some clothes and then I'll be ready.

Scared cat

Traveling by myself I'm hoping the weather will be nice and not be like what we had yesterday.

I will be back to visit you all next week...See you then.