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badgers vs gophers hockey game

I've missed watching hockey since our boys were done playing.  We got tickets to the Wisconsin Badgers hockey game Saturday night.

Kohl center

Center ice

Face off...Wisconsin Badgers vs Minnesota Gophers who are number one right now in the nation, college Division 1 Hockey.

Puck dropped

Puck control

I'm still not used to seeing a commercial break during a game.

Commercial break

I loved looking around the stands and seeing the different kinds of hats everyone wore.

Wisc hats

The lone color of yellow and green...Tho, I don't think the other fans minded at all seeing their beloved Packers are undefeated.

Packer colors

I never saw so much red in one place, and I spied a Black Hawk Fan amongst the Badger red.  Whoohoo...Go HAWKS!!!

Hawk fan

Here's Bucky...


Bucky skating

Bucky on head

Bucky on knees

The only goal for the night for the Badgers was the best by far...It was 4 on 4 at the time and all four of these Badger players touched the puck for the goal.  The Badgers split the 2 game series with Minnesota, beating Minnesota 3-1, but losing this game 4-1.

Best goal

It was a fun filled weekend of hockey, we also watched our grandson play in Madison on Sunday.  Those photos I will post in another post.