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barn charm~tall and straight

Driving through the Ocooch Mountains I find so many barns and I just never stop to take their photos.  I tell myself that I'll go back when I have the time.  I've decided, if I'm by myself I will stop, and this is what I found the other day when I did.  It doesn't look like it's being used anymore.

Barn and garage

Here's another view of the barn and small building, you can see the small building leaning quite a bit from this angle.

Barn and garage two

Linking with Tricia for Barn Charm.

quilted tree skirt

One of the quilting projects I've been working on is a tree skirt.  I took a class in the quilt shop in town and finished it yesterday.  It wasn't easy taking this photo as it's pretty windy outside today.  I love taking classes, as it gets me out of the house and I get to meet wonderful people.

Tree skirt

The pattern didn't say to add any ties to it, but I did.  I can either hide the ties like they did in the top photo or keep them out like the bottom photo.

Tree skirt ties

The tree is going up today and I can't wait to see how it looks laying under the tree.

I'm still working on another quilt and I hope to finish that today, sometime between putting the tree up and heading to town.

on to the next one

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  Our son Dan and his wife Kelli came and they brought along their Godson Dylan. 

It was a busy weekend with wagon rides.

Wagon ride

A train ride and getting to see Santa.

New freedom train

Waiting for santa

It definitely was worth the wait.

Santa and dylan

We also spent some time at the park.

Dylan and jim swinging

Going down

The only bad thing about going to the park in November, the drinking fountains are shut off for the winter.

Drinking fountain

I hope you all who celebrated Thanksgiving had a wonderful one.  After our company left we took a long walk and settled down for a relaxing afternoon/evening.  Today I'm off to a friends home to sew all day.  I hope to show you what quilting projects I've been working on.

badgers vs gophers hockey game

I've missed watching hockey since our boys were done playing.  We got tickets to the Wisconsin Badgers hockey game Saturday night.

Kohl center

Center ice

Face off...Wisconsin Badgers vs Minnesota Gophers who are number one right now in the nation, college Division 1 Hockey.

Puck dropped

Puck control

I'm still not used to seeing a commercial break during a game.

Commercial break

I loved looking around the stands and seeing the different kinds of hats everyone wore.

Wisc hats

The lone color of yellow and green...Tho, I don't think the other fans minded at all seeing their beloved Packers are undefeated.

Packer colors

I never saw so much red in one place, and I spied a Black Hawk Fan amongst the Badger red.  Whoohoo...Go HAWKS!!!

Hawk fan

Here's Bucky...


Bucky skating

Bucky on head

Bucky on knees

The only goal for the night for the Badgers was the best by far...It was 4 on 4 at the time and all four of these Badger players touched the puck for the goal.  The Badgers split the 2 game series with Minnesota, beating Minnesota 3-1, but losing this game 4-1.

Best goal

It was a fun filled weekend of hockey, we also watched our grandson play in Madison on Sunday.  Those photos I will post in another post.