friday's fences~don't fence me in
the flying geese are taking flight

over the weekend

We were busy as bees.  Autumn has fully settled in here.  A walk around the yard proved that over the weekend.  Tho I spied a few bits of color still hanging on.  My favorite flowers have dried up and you can see them here.

Yellow day lilie

Still blooming

I'm going on my very first quilt retreat in just over a week and I'm sooooo excited.  I've been getting some things ready and doing some sewing.  In preparation in going and what to bring I made a caddy pad to carry my iron in.  Not sure if I need to bring my iron, but I just figure if I bring my iron in this cute caddy pad, then I'll have my iron and a place to iron...Just In Case.

Caddy pad

We also did a little bit of construction over the weekend.

Taking it easy

You'll have to wait to see just what Sadie Girl was watching.