friday's fences~keeping the sheep in
first of the month-october 2011

our small celebration

We hit 33 years of matrimonial bliss yesterday the last day of September.  The morning we spent doing everyday things, working, me heading to town to pick up a few things. I then made homemade pizza for lunch which turned out yummy!


After lunch we headed to the Mississippi river to Prairie du Chien to see if there were any color changes there and we were a bit disappointed that there really were none.  Not like in our area.  Jim had to check out another ledge.  I stayed where I was just so I could take his picture.  The buzzards where flying right over his head with one getting pretty close.

Flying close

Then he decided to climb a bit higher.

Out on the ledge again

We spent a bit of time there, just enjoying the view and our day.

Sitting on the edge

We ended our day with a wonderful dinner and a warm welcome from Sadie who was ever so exctied to see us, until I remembered I had my dinner leftovers in my hand which Sadie thought were going to be her's.  So much for the warm welcome :)