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gentle hearth happenings

As I said in a previous post here about some construction happening last weekend here at Gentle Hearth.  We had gone to a park to check out the stairs there last month.  I woke up one morning last week and found a hole cut out of our deck railing.  We've been wanting to put in a stair off the deck and hubby decided last weekend was the day it was going to get done.

Building the stair

Wow, it was a long way down and I definitely didn't want to go over the edge.

Stair 1

I wonder if hubby liked having a camera in his face while trying to nail and not fall off the ladder.

Stair 2

Stair 3

Stair 4

Don't they look great?  Though my husband no longer makes a living building things with his hands, he still does a beautiful job.  Next year we plan to replace the existing railings and that is when we'll stain the stairs to match the railings.

Back stair

And then there is Sadie girl, here she sits wondering if she can come up.

Can i come up

Oh never mind...Mr is leaving, she'll just go with him instead.


Have a wonderful Friday.