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barn charm~log barn

Log barn

I had a totally different barn to post this week for Barn Charm.  Today I spent the day sewing with a friend and as I was on my way this morning I spied this barn so I had to post this one instead.  It wasn't until I uploaded the photos did I notice that this barn was made of logs...well I have to admit my husband was the one who noticed it first...but I noticed it second :)


gentle hearth happenings

As I said in a previous post here about some construction happening last weekend here at Gentle Hearth.  We had gone to a park to check out the stairs there last month.  I woke up one morning last week and found a hole cut out of our deck railing.  We've been wanting to put in a stair off the deck and hubby decided last weekend was the day it was going to get done.

Building the stair

Wow, it was a long way down and I definitely didn't want to go over the edge.

Stair 1

I wonder if hubby liked having a camera in his face while trying to nail and not fall off the ladder.

Stair 2

Stair 3

Stair 4

Don't they look great?  Though my husband no longer makes a living building things with his hands, he still does a beautiful job.  Next year we plan to replace the existing railings and that is when we'll stain the stairs to match the railings.

Back stair

And then there is Sadie girl, here she sits wondering if she can come up.

Can i come up

Oh never mind...Mr is leaving, she'll just go with him instead.


Have a wonderful Friday.

the flying geese are taking flight

Finally...These guys intimidated me in the worst possible way.  I started this quilt last year when we moved here.  I joined a block of the month at the quilt shop in town.  I know I should have been sewing on this quilt ALL year but I didn't.  Why? Because these guy's scared the willies out of me.  I had never made a flying geese in my whole life.  So, in preparation for my retreat coming up, I decided I was going to finish this quilt top and get the thing quilted and on our bed this winter.  But first, I had to make 102 flying geese and with the help of this wonderful, awesome, tool, I was able to conquer my fear.

Flying geese

Don't they look like they're going to take off?

Flying geese laid out

What have I been doing the past few days?  Not blogging that's for sure.  I've been cutting fabric...I've been cutting fabric...I've been cutting fabric...Oh, and I've been making flying geese.

Now that I've conquered my fear of flying geese I want to make a flying geese quilt, but first I need to finish this one.

over the weekend

We were busy as bees.  Autumn has fully settled in here.  A walk around the yard proved that over the weekend.  Tho I spied a few bits of color still hanging on.  My favorite flowers have dried up and you can see them here.

Yellow day lilie

Still blooming

I'm going on my very first quilt retreat in just over a week and I'm sooooo excited.  I've been getting some things ready and doing some sewing.  In preparation in going and what to bring I made a caddy pad to carry my iron in.  Not sure if I need to bring my iron, but I just figure if I bring my iron in this cute caddy pad, then I'll have my iron and a place to iron...Just In Case.

Caddy pad

We also did a little bit of construction over the weekend.

Taking it easy

You'll have to wait to see just what Sadie Girl was watching.

giant strawberries


Our strawberry season is starting to come to an end, here's what they looked like on October 13th.  The berries are bigger than a quarter and way bigger than in the photo I posted here in my photo blog through my lens, which btw is up and running again.  I stopped posting there last March, I didn't delete it just closed it for awhile.  But, I have so many random photos that I figured I'd just start posting there again.

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