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laurens meadow

I hope you're not getting tired of seeing our fall colors here in the Ocooch Mountains.  This is our daughter Laurens favorite place of all, we call it Lauren's meadow.  This spot overlooks much of the mountain tops up on one of the ridges near our home.

More laurens meadow

Another view of the meadow, usually we see sheep grazing here.

Laurens meadow 2

This is for you Lo.

barn charm~another abandoned barn

Abandoned barn

This barn was taken last month while driving through the mountains.  This was before the colors started to change.  I should go back and take another photo with the changing colors in the background.  The only thing is I just might have a hard time finding it again.

Here it is in black and white.

B&w barn

I'm not sure which one I like best.

Linking with Tricia for Barn Charm.

barn charm~tiny barn

We took a beginning yoga class and on our way there we pass this cute little barn.  I would love to know the story behind this barn and why there's a ramp.  Did the road get raised up and improved or was it always like this.

Tiny barn 1

Getting closer to take this picture I could hear music coming from the house.  It was beautiful classical music, we couldn't stay to listen as we had to get going to our class.

Tiny barn 2


checking out the stairs

Yesterday we headed to a small campground/park where you can climb up on top of a small cliff of rocks.  Jim wanted to really check out the stairs that were there as he wants to make some stairs going off our back deck.

The stairs

And since we were there we decided to hike up on the top of the cliff.  From a distance and looking through the trees I thought that this was a wild turkey sitting there.  Well it looked like one from way back :)


The smell of the pine needles on the ground was heavenly.

Top path

Then Jim started thinking about going out on the ledge...

Checking out the view

and he did.

On the edge

Peeking through

I love to hike, but I wasn't that adventuresome to go out on that ledge.  Especially since I didn't have on my hiking shoes or my walking stick.