making wood and clearing brush
barn charm~tiny barn

checking out the stairs

Yesterday we headed to a small campground/park where you can climb up on top of a small cliff of rocks.  Jim wanted to really check out the stairs that were there as he wants to make some stairs going off our back deck.

The stairs

And since we were there we decided to hike up on the top of the cliff.  From a distance and looking through the trees I thought that this was a wild turkey sitting there.  Well it looked like one from way back :)


The smell of the pine needles on the ground was heavenly.

Top path

Then Jim started thinking about going out on the ledge...

Checking out the view

and he did.

On the edge

Peeking through

I love to hike, but I wasn't that adventuresome to go out on that ledge.  Especially since I didn't have on my hiking shoes or my walking stick.